Trent’s BNOC of the Year: Round 3

The final is nearly here

You know the drill. Feast your eyes on these Big Names and cast your vote below.

Charlie Hogan

Year: Third
Course: Psychology
What makes them a BNOC: An all round supportive guy, mixes with all sport societies. Always takes time to see how you are. You cant walk 5 metres without him seeing a friend!
A funny story about them: The evening of December 19th 2015, the evening was dark, somewhat cold and the french alps were vibrating due to the arrival of the Trent army. Mr Hogan began to act over excited by the prospect of being allowed abroad for the first time since 2004, (reasons that cannot be disclosed, a holiday in benidorm that went slightly pear shaped… but thats for another time). After visiting the carrefour (french for bloody big supermarket), Charlie had obtained 12 bottles of ‘ON & OFF’ Vodka and believe me when i say he did not switch ‘OFF’. The vodka preceded to enhance his sexual prowess when under the influence, leaving him with a rather large erection. The thought process that followed was rather strange, as he opened our large double doors, removed his ski boots, unzipped his salopets and created a 3 inch wide hole within the fresh French powder. “Leave me here for a while i’ll meet you at the club” – he shouted. “I need this to go down i don’t understand why it wont” – the calls were getting louder, more frantic, panic was setting in. He never made it to the club, instead we found him several hours later in our hotel room, with 4 empty bottles of ON & OFF scattered around him, 2 ice packs and what seemed like a very sore downstairs department. He skipped the slopes for the next few days. Doctors pointed out 1 more hour in the snow and there would have been no saving and this is a self proclaimed name his Charles Johnson Bronson.

Ciara Bennett

Year: Second
Course: Criminology
What makes them a BNOC: “A++ banter.”
A funny story about them: “She doesn’t believe Narwhals are real despite being shown several pictures.”

Daniel Oldfield 

Year: First
Course: Law with Journalism
What makes them a BNOC: He has a fuckin brilliant twitter @bloodydantastic.

Maddy Kamall

Year: First
Course: Physics
What makes them a BNOC: Everyone know her and she’s so outgoing, kind and helpful.