Trent’s BNOC of the Year: Round 2

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Who is the Biggest Name at NTU? You decide.

Evie Turner

Year: Third
Course: Graphic Design
What makes them a BNOC: She’s bloody fun at hockey pres.
A funny story about them: She went out and got pissed before a 6am flight, she lost her passport and missed the flight…. A flight to Belfast for her best friends 21st.

Gavin Colquhoun

Year: Second
Course: Accounting and Finance
What makes them a BNOC: “Alright (insert everyone at Trent’s name here) you going out tonight? – Gavin
A funny story about them: Is it possible to inset a video montage? If not, he walked home once from banging a bird after taking two viagra with the biggest hard on. He walked all the way from Lace Market to Russell Street.

Jess Panayiotou

Year: Second
Course: Business Management and Economics
What makes them a BNOC: Who doesn’t know Jess Jack? Queen of the lesbian corner!
A funny story about them: We got really drunk one time and spent an hour talking to a Hoover. She’s also knocked accidentally knocked a girl out when having sex lol #bants.