Trent’s BNOC of the Year: Round 1

This is more important than Brexit

Nominations for 2016 BNOC of the year are in, cast your vote now.

Emma Carr

Year: First
Course: Law
What makes them a BNOC: “For being a ridiculously good fresher rep and a boss at cheerleading. She was doing fashion but decided to change to law?! She is known throughout Nottingham for her love of wine and ability to consume multiple bottles and still stay standing at 3am at Climax. Also known for her boyfriend being the President of Rugby”.
A funny story about them: “Realising she had had a few too many glasses of wine and was completely confused as to where she was and who I was”.

Regan Davis

Year: Second
Course: Business Management and Accounting
What makes them a BNOC: “His unworldly ability to deter any and every girl he meets, coupled with his extreme ability to chop pints in under 3 minutes. A man’s man.”
A funny story about them: “He once saw off three pints in 17 minutes and chunned all over his fresh new yeezys. Oh, and on a girls skirt.”

Aaron Mehta-Hill

Year: Fourth
Course: Digitcal Marketing
What makes them a BNOC: “Sports executive, massive name with both the lads and ladies. One of the heads of Thai boxing and lives with the future president so has the perks of all of that. You can walk down the street and meet a stranger and Aaron’s name can easily be a mutual bond or conversation starter.”
A funny story about them: “Aaron is a funny story. Period.”

Rachel Ward

Year: First
Course: Spanish
What makes them a BNOC: “TOTAL commitment to ocean, barely missed a single Wednesday and social sec of the gymnastics society, they have a competition to match her on costume, also was the Trent tiger for super Wednesday and is now one of Matt Nicholson’s VP’s as head of social media for the sports clubs.”
A funny story about them: “Went to ocean as paella, a home made cardboard pan, painted pink with a squid hat, barely tops the time she went as a pea.”

Ben Jarvis Parsons

Year: Third
Course: Business Law
What makes them a BNOC: “Most people know Ben because he’s either: served them their snakebite at Climax and Quids in at the SU, he’s been to their house party and given them free Smirnoff samples, or through LEX’s socials and events. He made it to the Top 100 on the Tab’s Power List and has over 30,000 Twitter followers.”
A funny story about them: “He was on the ITV show 1000 Heartbeats in December and lost £2500. It was made more amusing by the fact that he had recently had his hair cut really short on the sides so looked like a midget gem… That was quite funny.”