What your arrival time at the library says about you

Reading this is just another way to procrastinate

Now the exam season is upon us, Boots library has become the beloved stomping ground to over 20,000 students. Let’s face it, who wants to go to Clifton library and does Brackenhurst even have one? The real thing we can know for sure is what you are like based on what time you arrive.

9am or earlier: You’re a go-getter, you’re set up for a productive day and are probably going to pass. You’ve probably got a packed lunch with you and have planned out all revision. You go Glen Coco.

9am-10am: You made it and it’s likely you’ll get a seat. You snoozed for approximately half an hour but the dread and doom of your exams pulled you out of bed. You’re among the average people who work, but aren’t willing to tear yourself away from sleep enough to be there when the library is opening.


10am-12pm: You probably aimed for 9am, but you slept through your alarm. Top marks for trying, but you best go get a coffee to try help make up for lost time.

12pm-3pm: You surely must have given up all chance of getting a space now. You’ll probably go to get a meal deal about an hour after arriving because that’s all you can think about and there’s no point you attempting to revise when all you want is a BLT.


3pm-6pm: You’re most likely to nip into Wetherspoons for a cheeky pint on the way home. This will probably end up with you bladdered and waking up the next day at 1am and missing your group meeting.

6pm-9pm: Evening sessions can be productive, however the library at this time is very sociable – meaning you’ll probably spend more time talking to that girl from your seminar stressing about what the questions might be.


10pm or later: You’re either an insomniac or preparing to fail. Did you not listen to DJ Khaled when he told you a good nights sleep is the key to success? You’re going to need a serious amount of Red Bull to get you through if you’re going for an all-nighter.