Uber has arrived in Nottingham

Who even are Nottingham Cars?

As of today the app, which can already be used in Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham will launch in our very own Nottingham.

Using a cashless system, where customers can order and track the cab from their smartphones. There is no need for a telephone call to book as everything is done through the app in less than a few minutes.


If that isn’t enough to persuade you, when you’re travelling with friends it allows you to split the fare between you within the app, so you never have to worry about your mate promising they’ll buy you a drink in the club ever again.

Uber also states that they can offer a cheaper journey than their taxi competitors as they use a centralised meter and provide the nearest drivers.
Max Lines, the company’s general manager told the Nottingham Post: “Uber has been transforming the way people get about their cities all over the UK.
At the push of a button, people can get a ride which is convenient, safe and affordable. “