Do you prefer thongs or pants?

VPL for days

It’s an ancient question. Do you go for comfort or sexiness? Coverage or freedom from VPL? We asked you what the best underwear out there is.

Christian, History, Second Year 


“Thongs for women is like water for the human race. They are essential.”

Sophie, Wildlife Conservation, Third Year

“Thongs make your butt look better.”

Glenn, German and European Studies, Second Year

“Thongs just look better.”

Meg, Furniture and Product DesignSecond Year

Matthew, History, First Year

Steph, Fashion, Second Year
 “Two words: butt selfies.”


Daniel, Chemistry, Third Year

“Pants are nice.”

Cleon, Media, Film and Television, Second Year

“Thongs make me go uuuggghh”

Sophie, Law with Criminology, Second Year

“Girls can wear thongs with everything.”