Round up of the ugliest parts of Sussex campus

Even if Falmer square moat was actually ever filled, I don’t see there being much improvement

Brighton is a beautiful city, and from the famous lanes to the charming seaside walks, its picturesque views are well known. What isn’t as well known is the less attractive areas, which are all the more fun to talk about. There are many areas that come to mind. I’m thinking Burger King after a night out (if you know, you know), the seafront public toilets, and pretty much anywhere that the seagulls reach.

Sussex campus in particular holds many of these questionable sights and despite being well loved, it’s definitely home to the good, the bad and the ugly. From unsightly accommodation to creepy abandoned trucks, here is the round up of my personal favs.

1. Falmer square moat

First up, we have the obvious contender – the empty Falmer square moat. This beauty is empty 365 days a years and enjoys housing anything but water. It does serve well as an obstacle in the mission to waste money on library snacks from the SU shop though, so I guess we have something to thank it for.

2. Falmer’s spiral staircase

It might seem like this article is just going to be a roast of Falmer House, but I couldn’t look past this monstrosity. Right next to the the so-called moat is a spiral staircase that looks like it might have been made even earlier than the campus. As well as looking unstable it is covered in warning signs and fences to confirm the fact, and being right next to the station it isn’t the warmest welcome to campus. Talk about bad first impressions.

3. Bramber House

The back of Bramber house is definitely starting to show its age, and those walls don’t look like they have been washed since the 60s. I wouldn’t be surprised if this picture calls to mind a lot of schools on campus as well – *cough* every arts building ever *cough*.

4. Fulton’s ugly sister

I feel like this one speaks for itself, its giving prison aesthetic. This eyesore isn’t any easier to look at when its stood next to the shiny modern Fulton building either. Whoever decided to put these two next to each other was just asking for criticism. At least we can make a lot of ‘you versus the guy she told you not to worry about’ jokes.

5. Park Village

Park Village hasn’t got the most attractive exterior, but although battered and bruised it is a well loved part of campus, so we gotta respect it. Just try to look past the rust and rotten wood and you might be able to see it for its positives – it even has its own playground. This being said, you won’t have to endure the ugliness for long, because I think Sussex has realised what’s best for them by deciding to knock this old boy down. Adios Park Village, you will not be missed.


6. Ice cream truck? Transformer? Lego Car?

And last but not least, this classic has been with me through the thick and thin of my uni experience. Even after dealing with the countless freshers that have fallen into it drunk, it still stands strong and undefeated. Will we ever find out what his purpose is? Probably not, but this question brightens up my walks to North-South road bus stop at the very least.

I hope you enjoyed the round up of my campus finds. It has to be said that ironically, walking around campus to find its grottiest parts made me realise how much I love it here. It might not gain points for being the prettiest campus you can find in England, but I guess you could call that character building? I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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