This is what your cafe on campus says about you

If you go to Falmer with your laptop, its not coming out its bag is it

We all have a favourite spot for our first coffee of the day, but where do you go and what does it say about you? Whether you’re there to study or meeting up with some mates, we think we have a pretty good idea of who you are.

ACCA cafe

If you’re an ACCA kinda person you appreciate the finer things in life. Oh and you’re definitely going to upload a photo of your latte to your instagram story… just saying. Depending on when you go, ACCA can either be a quiet, chill place to get your head down, or it can be busier than Przym on Wednesdays. In the heart of the Attenborough centre, this cafe says a lot about you. You’re trendy, chic and maybe just maybe a little pretentious (don’t shoot the messenger, this is all factually based information).

Arts Piazza cafe

If Arts Piazza is your chosen location, you’ve probably popped in on your way to a class or on your way home. You prioritise convenience and where is more convenient than a cafe in the centre of campus. I could be wrong but arts piazza doesn’t seem like the place to have regulars, its the one night stand of cafes on campus.

Falmer Bar

This place needs no explanation. You’re here for a pint or some food, most likely both, but for some reason you’ve convinced yourself you’re also going to be able to get that 2000 word essay in. Now not to say that’s impossible but its really not very likely. Falmer bar is home to anyone and everyone at all times of the day. If this is your chosen spot, you definitely came to uni for the social life over the actual degree.

Library Cafe

Ah, library cafe. If you come here to do a bit of studying you’re a classic uni student, a creature of habit, not one to go against the grain. And who can say you’re not working if you’re in the library right? If this is your prime location, you take a work hard play hard attitude, but you tend to play a bit harder.

The Bridge Cafe

This spot is pretty well hidden. If you choose this cafe, you’re different from the rest, you like to separate yourself from the crowd and that’s pretty admirable. Sitting in with the psychologists makes you feel smart, maybe smarter than you are but that’s ok. You gotta fake it till you make it right?

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