Brighton council wants to hear about your experience with violence against women and girls

You have until the 20th February to share your views


Brighton and Hove county council have released a survey asking for individuals to share their experiences with violence against women and girls in the city, as well as any views held on the support received by victims.

The survey aims to learn about victims’ and bystanders’ views, suggestions, and experiences to understand how safe women and girls are in Brighton and Hove.

The responses will be used by the council to shape the development of the city’s new strategy for the safety of women and girls against violence. The survey is open to residents in Brighton and Hove over the age of 16, of any gender. Survey responses will be completely anonymous and confidential.

Crimes of violence against women and girls (VAWG) include the following offences:

• Domestic abuse
• Sexual violence and abuse
• Sexual harassment
• Stalking
• Faith based abuse
• Violence against women in public spaces
• Online abuse

The rate of violence and sexual offence in Brighton and Hove is rising. In 2021 it was the most common crime recorded, at a total of 9,227 offences, which was an increase of 4.2 per cent from the previous year.

Councillor Steph Powell stated “It’s vital that we develop the best possible response to violence against women and girls in the city.

“We understand that VAWG is an issue which can affect anyone in any community. We understand that survivors experience of VAWG intersects with their specific protected characteristics.

“Our priority is to place survivors at the heart of what we do. We’re keen to provide the best possible response to anyone affected by VAWG to help them live their lives safely, reduce the impact on children, ensure these crimes are not hidden and hold perpetrators to account.

“We need to draw on your knowledge and experience of VAWG to inform the development of our new VAWG Strategy.”

The survey is open until the 20th February and you can find the link for the survey, along with a full list of the types of crime the council are interested in hearing about, on the Brighton and Hove county council website here.

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