RANKED: The most chaotic moments on Sussex campus this year

The chaotic energy on this campus is astronomical

We can all agree that 2020 has been wild so far and this academic year at Sussex has been on the same level. In just a few short months we have seen cows surrounding campus buildings, seagull warning signs, a bus to Hangleton crashing into the Pevensey building and not to mention the literal morgue placed on our campus.

Despite all of this, there is something about Sussex which we all love. It has a special place in our hearts and it’ll stay there forever. Maybe it’s the students who coat themselves in butter or the financial loss of £10 million which keeps the Uni humble and grounded. Either way, we are excited to see what chaos another academic year brings.

10. One strike picket sign reads: ‘Go fuck yourself’

Uhhh, this was an awkward time for Adam. This year was character building, to say the least. People who were striking this year were really pissed off at VC Adam Tickell, they had a lot of things to say to him. Here are the best ones:

One student said: “If you’re going to be a greedy capitalist, then just come out and say it.” Whilst another students protest sign told Adam to go and “fuck” himself.

Another student said: “Adam, you see us as assets to be cut and money to be collected and we aren’t going to stand for that.” This isn’t the typical chaotic meme energy, obviously. But, it was a chaotic time for the University and students even though no one wanted strikes, they had to happen.

9. The speculated coronavirus diagnosis on campus

Okay so this just showed us that rumours on campus spread like wildfire. This was just a few weeks before the University shut down and the national lockdown was enforced. Everyone assumed that the student tested positive because the University hadn’t emailed to say otherwise. But it turns out that the test was negative.

It probably doesn’t help the fact that the student was escorted out of their accommodation by people is hazmat suits.

8. Cows surrounded the Jubilee building

Honestly, what the fuck? This was a wild moment, though it did only rank eighth place so there is definitely room for more chaos. They probably wanted access to those stunning Jubilee ‘MOO-ths’ ha ha!

The news came from none other than Adam Tickell’s Instagram page showing a herd of cows chilling outside the Jubilee building. Tickell commented: “As lockdown eases, these cows felt that now was the time to try and get into the Jubilee Building.” Very funny Adam, thats a good meme.

7. The Vivienne argued with an ‘activist’ at her show

Technically this one wasn’t on campus but it was a Sussex SU event. Essentially what happened was The Vivienne got into an argument on stage with a crowd member over trans rights at her Sussex show at Chalk.


6. A morgue was placed on campus

A big old yikes moment when it was revealed that a temporary morgue was being set up on our campus. It has over 300 spaces and is placed in the sports complex car park.

The student reaction to this was mixed, with three morgues being put in Sussex and the largest being on our campus, many students were a little bit skeptical. The morgue has been on campus for the past three months and still remains boarded up.

5. A boy covered himself in butter

A Sussex student coated himself in butter in the middle of library square and it is still the biggest mystery ever. No one knows why he did this and at this point, we’re not convinced that people actually want to know why. Dearest butter boy, you’ve been on my mind since the day this happened and I cannot see you ever leaving.

Butter boy even fed the seagulls on campus, a true hero. Rumour has it that this seagull did not steal anyone’s lunch that day because it was content and full with Utterly Butterly goodness. Butter boy is a hero.

4. Seagull warning signs placed everywhere

Who knew that Sussex’s most feared creature was actually the seagull? It appears that attacks got so bad at one point and as a result the University thought signs saying ‘Beware seagull attacks’ was fitting. Although, the seagull pictured below is just vibing, we love that.

3. The University lost £10 million

It’s not looking too good for Sussex Uni right now, is it? The University lost over £10 million as a result of the pandemic pretty quickly. They also have predicted a loss of at least £70 million more.

University of Sussex, finance director, Allan Spencer, has made it clear that there is no point planning ahead for a £70 million loss because whilst it could be as low as £20 million,  it could be as high at £100 million, therefore their planning would be insufficient.

2. A bus crashed into the Pevensey building

This is honestly top tier content. The fact that it was also the 5B to Hangleton makes the whole ordeal much more iconic. Very good, good times and good memories. Plus, no one was hurt so it’s okay to laugh.

The top corner of a double decker 5B bus, which crumpled inwards after the driver crashed into a section of concrete near to the entrance of the psychology building. The fact that the bus is named ‘Betty Walshe’ makes it a hundred times better.

1. Five Sussex students were quarantined together in their flat

This was as chaotic as chaos could be. After one positive coronavirus test, the entire flat of five Sussex students had to go into quarantine.

As soon as it happened, the University quickly assured their students that they are “following all the advice from Public Health England.  We know this can be a worrying time, but we must follow the advice of the experts.”

At this point, nothing else can faze me.