Cows have surrounded the Jubilee Building at Sussex

Y’all better mind them seagulls now

COVID-19 has changed all of our lives, including having to leave university sooner than we all anticipated. Although the lockdown has affected us all we can’t forget about how much it has affected nature – namely, the cows. As Sussex University is located next to Stanmer Park there are fields of cows just sitting idly by and with the university being empty – what better time for them to make the most of the facilities whilst everyone’s away?

The news came from none other than Adam Tickell’s Instagram page showing a herd of cows chilling outside the Jubilee building.  Tickell commented “As lockdown eases, these cows felt that now was the time to try and get into the Jubilee Building.”

Hopefully many more animals will be roaming around Campus because if no-one else is using the Campus facilities they may as well be put to good use.