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A bus has crashed into Pevensey I building

How does that even happen

Buses travelling to Sussex university campus were diverted today after a 5B bus drove into the side of Pevensey I at around 1:30 pm this afternoon.

No one has inside the bus was harmed as a result of the crash. Brighton and Hove buses told The Sussex Tab that a passerby suffered a minor cut as a result of falling glass.

Footage of the collision can be seen on The Sussex Tab's Instagram story.

The video shows the top corner of a double decker 5B bus, which crumpled inwards after the driver crashed into a section of concrete near to the entrance of the psychology building.

Although damage to the building appears minimal, the top section of the bus on the driver's side is shown to be caved in, and the window has smashed.

The bus was reportedly empty at the time of the crash, so no one inside was injured. A Sussex student said: “The bus was overtaking the 25x in front just before the bridge and as he was passing, I heard the glass shatter and saw the bus had crashed. You could see the bus was empty though.”

Some buses were being diverted straight to Falmer station as a result. Buses appear to be up and running on campus again, as of 2.50pm.

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A bus on campus at 2.50pm. In case you couldn't tell.

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