Madeleine Pritchard

Sussex uni have put up signs warning students of seagull attacks

Good thing seagulls can’t read

A woman has fallen off Brighton Palace Pier this evening

The coastguard and police were called to her rescue.

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Woman from Brighton falls from window of block of flats

A woman has fallen from a window at Ashton Rise, Brighton.

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We can confirm no Peaky Blinders have been included

A guide to sustainable living in Brighton

How to be more eco-friendly and make Attenborough proud

Sussex University received ‘opioid money’ from Purdue Pharma owners

The university received up to £1.4m towards neurological and psychiatric research in 2018.

Clubbing in Brighton with epilepsy: What I’ve learnt since coming to university

It makes clubbing just that little bit harder

There’s a campaign to get free buses to Sussex Uni

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