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A Sussex student has coated himself in butter in library square and no one knows why

‘He smelled really bad’

A Sussex student coated himself in Utterly Butterly in the middle of library square today because he lost a dare.

The student was made to cover himself in butter and stand there for a number of minutes after losing a dare. The original dare was unknown, but for the forfeit to be this, we are not sure we want to know.

The student rubbed butter on himself and encouraged onlookers to help. Videos show him chasing scared pedestrians who had stopped to watch.

The full video of this encounter can be seen on The Sussex Tab Instagram story.

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The scene of the crime

Student onlookers had lots to say about this stunt, including "He made my day so much butter", "He really was the butt-er of the joke" and "He smelled really bad."

One student added: "He's used three tubs now. He's applying it to his belly. He has got quite the audience."

At one point a seagull got hold of some of the butter, because of course it did.

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Is nothing sacred?

The Sussex Tab approached the man for comment, to which he said "Oh no, not The Tab."

Are you butter boy? Do you know who butter boy is? Do you know why he did this? We want to hear from you. Send tips to [email protected]

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