Sussex University is charging students to end their housing contracts early

The University are also requiring 28 days notice

The University of Sussex are charging students £55 to end their housing contract early, despite the global outbreak of coronavirus.

As a result of the outbreak of Coronavirus, the university has moved to online teaching, and cancels all exams and assessments on campus. With the stress of wondering how assessments will go ahead, many students losing their part time jobs, students are now worrying about paying rent for accommodation they aren’t living in.

Many international students have rushed home before the borders shut, exchange students have had their study abroad programme cut short, and many students are moving out of university accommodation three months early. Despite students emailing the housing office about a possible rent rebate, or not having to pay the third instalment as they won’t be living there.

The email simply states “We are prioritising these questions and best course of action”.

Students are being advised if they plan on moving out in the next 28 days, to fill out an ‘accommodation termination form’, and it cost £55 to terminate this contract.

Many students are extremely disappointed in the University housing services and have been left confused about whether they are going to be charged or not.

There are currently two petitions circulating about this issue, one specific to Sussex, which you can sign here, and a government petition for all Universities in the UK, which you can sign here.