The University of Sussex Autumn look book

Autumn fashion never looked so good

With the pumpkin spice flowing and the weather fluctuating more than your average grade, Sussex students and their style are adapting to the season of hipster knit jumpers and leaf-crunching Dr Martens.

In celebration of Sussex style, we walked the runways of campus in search of the funkiest fashion and style stories to discover a little more about how our diverse student community expresses itself through clothes.

From the waviest, most colourful garms to comfiest library chic, your autumn looks and brilliant anecdotes did not disappoint. So, without further ado, here are our highlights compiled into a handy look book for your pleasure and style inspiration.

Hamish, Third Year, Physics

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We asked Hamish to explain a little bit of his style, and he said 'For me, I just just wearing things which are comfortable. I got my skateboard whilst working in Florida, I'm not very good at it but it's fun! I got my gloves today because it got so cold whilst I was getting coffee.'

Proactivity will never go out of style, my friend.

Onyinye and Jennifer, MA, International Education and Development

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Onyinye spoke about fashion having to be practical when you're not use to the cold weather. She said "It's much warmer in Nigeria, so coming here I don't think I have a style, I just want keep warm! I can't wear some of my stuff from home, like this jumpsuit, without covering up with a coat and some socks. It's more about survival!"

We asked Jennifer about her accessories and she told us that "Beyond keeping warm, I always try to include something that is African. Sometimes a scarf, sometimes my earrings, or maybe a skirt made from Nigerian fabric. That's how I express myself."

Ayman, Film and Marketing term abroad

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Ayman exclusively told us:"I don't really have a definitive style but I do put thought into it. I wear formal clothes too, but I've lately been wearing a lot of minimalistic stuff and clean, low-key co-ordinated colours. My glasses are reflective, so they show different colours with lights beaming off in the club!"

Taking day-to-night fashion to the next level!

Roscoe , First year, Psychology with Neuroscience

"I'm very into punk pop and I take a lot of inspiration from that, everything flows in! I like to have my own image style, but I can go from all black to floral on different days, it always depends on my mood. All the jewellery I have is found or made from things I've found!"

New student spending hack: looking for treasures on the pavement.

Atusa, Third year, Psychology with BSL

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"My style expresses my identity as a queer woman but also a non-binary person. What I wear really depends on my mood, but today I'm warm and cosy because it's Autumn. My necklace is the The Faravahar, a symbol of Zoroastrianism with lots of different meanings to me as someone of Persian culture."

Nikki, MA, International Education and Development

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"I try to buy second hand and vintage as much as I can. I don't want to buy from fast fashion anymore, having lived abroad in countries where people are affected by the industry. It's difficult because the high street is affordable, but so are charity shops and they're so fun! You're not buying a prescribed look that someone's told you to wear and your clothes have a history."

Hit up London Road for the best charity shops in the city.

George, Second year, American Studies and Politics

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"My outfit is all from high street brands; ASOS, River Island. My ring from Topman has lasted a while! I've had it a year and it hasn't stained or anything."

Jeans and a hoodie is a staple combo, you just can't beat it.

Sophia, MA, Gender Violence and Conflict

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"I look quite 90s today, my favourite era! My jumper reminds me of a lolita, student look. I like to have a more casual vintage style, and keep to warm colours. I shave my hair all the time, which is difficult in the winter!"

Shaznay, Third Year, English and Film

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"I got my coat from ASOS last year and my trackies from sports direct or something, but my shirt is from a vintage sale, so I shop anywhere. My lip-stick is a Maybelline one, I really like to co-ordinate."

If your lip doesn't match your coat, are you even fashion?

Alexa, Third year, Drama, Theatre and Performance

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"I wouldn't call myself very fashionable, but I'm in my Lucy and Yaks today and very autumnal colours. I love my puffers, I have so many but this one's from Pull and Bear. I have seven ear piercings, but want to do something more fun with them!"

Puffers will never not be a necessity.

Miranda, Third year, PPE

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"I've been really enjoying double denim. I saw a photo of my mum wearing basically this outfit in the 80s, she's often my style inspo! My eye makeup is inspired by 'Euphoria' and I found 3000 if these little pearls for a pound and I've perfected it now. I cut my hair this myself this morning, and my plan is to go lilac next."

Who knew Poundland could be so chic?

Will (Fintech, Risk and Investment Analysis, MSc)

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"Everything is from Topman, I work there so I get 60 per cent discounts! I much prefer autumn/winter to summer because you can layer; always long trousers and long sleeves for me. My boots are my latest pair and I'll rock them until they wear out."