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An honest review of: London Road

Aldi and loads of pubs – need I say more?

With house-hunting season soon to begin, the process can be quite daunting if you don't really know where to start. We've previously reviewed Kemptown, Moulsecoomb, Coombe Road, Lewes Road, Barcombe Road, and Bevendean. Now let's look at London Road.

So close to town

London Road is prime walking distance to and from town – or if you don't feel like it there are loads of frequent buses like the 48, 49, 5A, and the 5B which can take you to uni too. There's also the option of London Road train station to take you to town and uni as well.

And if you fancy getting a taxi home from town, it shouldn't cost you more than a fiver each.

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Food shopping has never been easier

Being so close to Aldi and the Open Market is a godsend for students on a budget. The Open Market offers zero-waste fruit, veg, and much more that you can buy what you need for a very reasonable price.

There are also loads of specialist shops that offer unique ingredients that you might struggle to find elsewhere – it's great for trying out new recipes.

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Loads to see and do

London Road has such so much to offer in the way of eating and drinking; there are loads of wonderful cafes like Presuming Eds and Cafe Plenty.

If you fancy a change from overcrowded student pubs, London Road has some slightly more upmarket pubs on offer – most of which do great food too. The Rosehill, the Hare and Hounds, the Joker, the World's End and the Hobgoblin are all within a few minutes walk to London Road residents. And if you don't fancy any pub grub, there are takeaways everywhere so there's no shortage of eating options.

There's also Preston Park, the Level skatepark, and loads of gyms near by if you're more inclined towards being active – there's something for everyone really.

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It can feel a bit dangerous at night, especially around the Level area. The Argus ranked it as the fourth most dangerous street in Brighton.

Housing prices also tend to be more on the expensive side around the London Road area – so it's worth thoroughly researching any potential properties to see if you could perhaps find a better deal elsewhere.

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Overall, my experience of the London Road area has been wonderful – food shopping and travelling around Brighton has never been easier. It's a fun area with lots going on; definitely a great area for student life.