An honest review of: Kemptown

There is a 24-hour Subway. Need we say more?

It’s getting to that time in the year where you are frantically looking for house mates and housing for next year, and of course towards the top of the list is deciding where to live. We’ve covered Coombe Road, Barcombe RoadLewes Road and Moulsecoomb. Next up in our series is an honest review of Kemptown.

Great location

Kemptown is a perfect location for town, being a five-minute walk to the seafront and into the town centre. It’s right next to Old Steine, which means plenty of buses. This also means you don’t have to leave the pre-drinks until 10 minutes before you want to be in any of the clubs in Brighton, and you don’t have to get the bus to and from your night out.

Even better, you are by the sea. Walking down to the beach is quick and easy, you are basically at the pier already, so it is perfect for summer picnics or just to watch the sun set. What ever floats your boat.

Bus connections to uni are great but it does take forever

The downside to being so near to the seafront is how far away it is from campus. Living in Kemptown does mean that you have to spend at least half an hour on the 25 or the 25x every morning, and getting home in rush hour does mean an almost hour commute. Having said that, it does mean you get a seat on the bus because they’re always empty when you get on.

You are in the heart of everything

Living in Kemptown means that you are in the heart of everything that is going on. Again, being walking distance from all the pubs, bars and clubs means that your social life is never quiet and you can pop out for a quick drink whenever you like. You won’t have to worry about transport, will have shops and the Lanes at your fingertips, and there’s an Easy Hours (a 24-hour licensed shop) about a five-minute walk away from you.

Parking is a nightmare

There isn’t really anywhere to park unless you have a resident’s permit, and even if you do, finding parking spaces is really difficult. Even worse, the parking officers are really hot on your tail, so if you leave your car for a minute over the limit you’ll be landed a hefty £70 fine.

It can be a bit grotty 

Sometimes walking back late at night can be a bit scary, as there is a big homelessness and drug problem all around Brighton. In the centre this is more prominent, so being stopped walking home after a night out or having someone chat drugged-up nonsense to you can become part of your night routine.

There is a 24-hour subway

There is a 24-hour subway. Need we say more?

The LGBT hub of Brighton

With Revenge on its corner, plenty of quirky gay bars and the occasional drag queen standing outside the Karaoke bar, Kemptown is famously known for being the LGBT hub of the city. The setting is perfect for the diverse culture of Brighton.

So… what’s the verdict?

The area of Kemptown is a very central location, perfect for nightlife, culture, and shops. You will never feel isolated or bored living in Kemptown and you will feel 100 percent Brightonian. The only downsides are the commute time into campus and the nightmarish parking.  But overall, this seems a small price to pay for all the perks that come with living here.