If you think there’s a better supermarket than Aldi, you’re wrong

The champion of discount supermarkets

Aldi is universally loved by students and is an independent shopping experience. Here are all the reasons we love the discount supermarket, and you should too.

The price, obviously

You can’t beat a 30p packet of bourbon biscuits and 15p tins of spaghetti hoops. For those on a budget, Aldi is a saving grace. Not only are their own brand products cheap as chips (99p for a kilo to be exact), but they often have branded products on offer too. The value compared to other supermarkets can be huge. A week’s worth of shopping for £20-30? Yes please.

Their food is delicious and has actually won awards

Aldi have won the Which? Best Supermarket title for a record fourth time and many of their products have achieved Great Taste Awards too. Compared to their branded equals, Aldi food often tastes the same if not better. I would particularly recommend the salted caramel ganache, but there is a risk of chocolatey addiction.

The own brand names and packaging are hilariously familiar

Penguin bars become Seal bars, Lurpak becomes Norpack. Pot Noodle becomes Snack Noodle, and Ariel becomes Almat. I’ve often seen fellow shoppers chuckle to themselves as they pick up the delightfully similarly named items.


The baskets are fun

Okay, this is a bit of a silly one, but you can’t deny there’s something about wheel-equipped baskets that evoke a childhood joy.

They sell the most random stuff

From chainsaws to scuba equipment, the treasures found in metal baskets make you realise you have product needs you never knew you had. You’ll be searching for some 40p fusilli or tikka masala sauce and get distracted by battery powered slippers.

Staff are friendly, although they are fast

The till staff at our local Aldi are always smiling, friendly, and up for a laugh. This lessens the stress caused by their lightening-speed item scanning skills, leading to shoppers frantically throwing things into baskets and bruising their apples. At least we have the end counter to strategically pack our reusable bags.

All in all, it’s a great place to shop

The price, quality, and environment are second to none. Is it wrong to have such strong opinions on supermarkets?