Sussex Students’ Union plan to implement a policy on sexual violence

88% of votes supported this decision

In the Autumn 2018 Referenda, the Union asked students to answer to the following question, 'should the Students' Union implement a policy on Sexual Violence?'. 581 students responded, with 511 votes (88%), in support of the cause.

According to recent studies by Revolt Sexual Assault and the Student Room, a shocking minimum of 62% of students have experienced sexual violence across UK universities. Despite this, only around 6% of cases are being reported to their universities.

At Sussex, the USSU have had a sexual violence policy in place since 2004. However, the policy expired in 2016 and has subsequently not been replaced.

Following the new vote, the USSU have stated that the policy has been updated and is intended to replaced the previous lapsed policy.

On the SU website, it states that the new policy will aim to 'enforce an attitude of zero tolerance towards sexual violence within the Students’ Union'. Furthermore, students at the university who disclose that they have been sexually assaulted will be supported and treated with respect.