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Sussex as you know it is changing forever

Here’s everything you need to know about the changing face of campus

Sussex, Sussex, Sussex… our beloved Downs-dwelling campus is in the process of getting a major facelift. The moment you enter campus and are greeted with the wonderful sights and sounds of 24/7 building work, it doesn’t take long to realise there’s some pretty big changes happening.

Freshers will have no clue about old East Slope

The new term has seen the opening of a huge new student village close on the horizon and the demolition of a beloved gem of the university. Here’s your guide to everything that’s changing; a guide to the new for old, and to the old for the new.

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100% natural reactions to the new accommodation

Standing in the place of what was once the Mantell building (don’t worry, we don't know anything about it either) is the shiny new East Slope. Boasting 1,500 more bedrooms than its predecessor, and bearing the brand new ‘neighbourhood’ names of Camber, Lullington, Amberley and Bodiam, the new digs are definitely worth a snoop around.

East Slope will soon shed its association with the nostalgic charm of the 70’s ski chalet-come-mobile classroom buildings that once held the mantle. Students for years to come will only know it among the ranks of Northfield and Swanborough as the high-end accommodation options offered on campus.

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Roof hangouts- bet you can't do that in your fancy new East slope blocks.

The indomitable titan of the University of Sussex is now a pile of rubble. Northfield bar has opened its (very far away) doors. Skint's found a new home in room 76, at the back of Falmer bar… is nothing sacred?

With all these changes one might be worried for the future of the rest of campus, and rightly so. Plans to further redevelop multiple teaching facilities and build a new housing for the students union are in place.

New parking facilities

It's not just accommodations and teaching facilities that are changing, a new multi-storey parking facility is being constructed behind the Jubilee building. With hundreds of new spaces available, on-campus parking permits may finally become available to more than four people.

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They say the application process to get a place here is harder than Oxbridge.

Becoming more eco-friendly

In further keeping with Sussex's 'eco' image, large areas behind Northfield are also being landscaped to improve the grassland's 'disastrous' ecological state. Students and creatures alike will be free to enjoy great views of our building-site/campus for years to come.

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Spending our tuition fees on turning a field into… a different kind of field

Despite the eventual death of Sussex as we know it, we are excited to see the undeniably dated architecture of the campus be updated for the years ahead.