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Sussex Renters Union launches petition to withhold rent from uni

Sussex Renters Union is looking for student voices on the matter

Vice-Chancellor Adam Tickell confirms Sussex will remain open in email to students

Campus will stay open and teaching won’t be affected

Yungblud to play Chalk show in March, tickets announced

Tickets go on sale tomorrow at 11am

Sussex SU pen open letter calling for all teaching to move online

Sussex academics and staff call for all teaching to be online this term

Take The Tab Sussex’s 2020 sexual assault survey now

Help us get an accurate view of sexual misconduct at our uni

Brighton Uni halls empty and clear rooms of students’ possessions with no warning

‘Most importantly her privacy was invaded as someone has gone through her things without consent’

We’ve ranked the possible I’m A Celeb 2020 filming locations

I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of… Sussex?

PSA: Straight people shouldn’t go to Revenge

SussFessions once again causes heated discussions *feigns shock*

Here’re Sussex’s best dissertation hand-in pics

Nothing says ‘I’m in a horrendous amount of debt’ quite like a cute pic with the Sussex sign

Vote now for your Sussex Lecturer of The Year

Here are the first batch of lovely lecturers recognised for their work

It’s Sussex Pink Week! Here’s everything thats happening

Sussex is putting its breast foot forward for cancer awareness

The Haunt is relocating to a new venue

The beloved Brighton club is changing location

‘What are you doing, you’re talking to yourself’: We spoke to Brighton & Hove Albion super fan and YouTube creator, Matt Jackson

We talked all things Albion and what it takes to run a YouTube channel you’re committed to

Upbeat, quirky fun: SMuTS presents ‘Legally Blonde the Musical’

The musical is running until Saturday

These are the Sussex sports teams running the half marathon

YAY SPORTS (and charity!)

Sussex University is making terms shorter next year

There will be shorter terms and more revision time

How to enjoy Valentine’s Day whilst remaining an absolute lad

Don’t worry boys, Dr Ladentine’s is here

Kylie Minogue is headlining Brighton Pride 2019

‘Spinning Around’ in anticipation

Everything happening in Brighton this December

Here’s your complete guide to all the smashing things happening this month

Everything that’s happening in Brighton this December

Here’s your complete guide to all the Chri-smashing things happening this month

Seriously though, how good is the new Brighton bus app?

We are not worthy

Sussex as you know it is changing forever

Here’s everything you need to know about the changing face of campus