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We went to a Sussex Drag Society event and here’s what went down (and dirty)

Divas, drama and downright debauchery

On a usual Wednesday night, the Sussex sports socials dominate Falmer Bar in rowdy, lager-fuelled masses. But, lucky for us, on the first wednesday of every month, Sussex DragSoc have something a little more fabulous in mind.

Sussex is home to the first society in the country to ever be dedicated "exploring and blurring gender boundaries, improving live performance skills and appreciating the vast drag culture". So we headed to their first monthly showcase of the year to see what they're all about.

This month's theme was all things dancing queen as the night focused on the blessing that is ABBA. So step aside, Theresa May, these dancing kings, queens and all in-betweens are on another level all together.

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Room Seventy-Six? More like Room Seventy-SEX

Before the performers were unleashed, the welfare officer reminded us of DragSoc's zero tolerance attitude to all forms of discrimination, harassment and prejudice. This is a society that takes safety and inclusion just as seriously as nailing the perfect slut drop.

It was also awesome to find out that they're dedicated to raising money for local charities, with tonight's drama being in aid of The Sussex Beacon.

Ever wondered what ABBA, a shed-load of glittery make-up and very few clothes looks like? Well this event would've had you covered.

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Electra flashing her cash like student debt ain't no thang

If you've never "YAAAS"-ed before, I can guarantee that DragSoc will take that virginity as soon as the first performers make their appearance. The Queens strut, lip-sync and saunter across that makeshift cafe stage like there is no tomorrow.

Just don't sit in the front row unless you want to be pulled up on stage and basically have your lap used as loo roll. One lucky audience member definitely discovered this the hard way.

In addition to all of this glory, and to provide a little respite from the cheesy tunes, the lineup had us covered with some of the sassiest standup in Sussex.

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Lydia Eastslope took comedy to new levels of filth

One of the best things about this event was, by far, the outfits. Mamma Mia, those outfits!

GRIM stayed true to the fever and flares of the 70s theme.

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Was she trying to blind us with all that glitter?

Whilst Calypso served Halloween freak chic.

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We've never been so terrified and turned on at the same time

But no drag extravaganza would be complete without a surprise lip-sync battle where The Winner Takes It All and one King thrusts his way to the throne.

You've probably rubbed shoulders with most of these students-come-performers on campus, probably with more clothes on though. But not only students were booked for this innocence stealing event. Acts from the surrounding Brighton drag scene also joined the party.

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When 'Dancing Queen' comes on but you don't want to lose your seat

After the first DragSoc event of the year, it's safe to say we are ready for them to Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! more.

So, if your Sussex experience is lacking sex, drag and gender boundaries so blurred you can't see whose G-string just came off, then keep an eye out for DragSoc's latest events and socials. You won't regret it.