Do you know your Rife from a Fret? Take our Sussex dialect quiz

Sussex used to have its own dialect that was a mix of French, Scandinavian, and Anglo-Saxon.

Each county in Britain tends to have its own little adaptations of the English language. Whether it is the long-debated pronunciation of ‘bath’ ‘baff’ or skipping out the letter ‘T’ in most words, people can be easily identifiable¬†from the way they speak.

To our surprise, however, Sussex for a while had its own dialect complete with different pronunciations, words, and pronouns (‘En’ meant man and ‘un’ meant it) which has unfortunately¬†died out.

The Sussex dialect boasts about 30 different terms to describe mud. These include stug, slurry, stoach, and gawm.

We collected a few of these words and presented it to you, the beautiful public, to see if you could guess what these words mean.



University of Sussex