Why would you live in London, when you could live in Brighton & Hove?

The Big Smoke? No thank you sir

I was hesitant to write this. I didn’t want to let everyone in on the glorious reality of living in Brighton, but some things just have to be said.

London is seen as the bastion of professional life. “If you’re in your 20s, you should move to London”, they tell us. But no, there is another way, and it is Brighton & Hove – the chilled out, liberal seaside city of opportunity.

It’s less busy

You can physically feel the space around you. Head up to London for the day and it will make you appreciate the wide streets and open space. Everywhere in London is like walking through The Lanes on a Saturday.

The Mesmerist

Arguably the best night spot in Brighton, The Mesmerist is a 50s style prohibition themed bar, with live music and dancing into the night. Jazz, the occasional burlesque show and great cocktails. What more could you want?


Buck the trend

You can smugly tell everyone you “wanted something different”.

The Joker

You haven’t lived until you’ve had a ‘Snake in a Basket’. It’s a tray of wings with one of their deathly hot Viper wings hidden amongst the rest. I’ve seen many a grown man cry (and myself). You’re mad if you try the Viper challenge – ten Viper wings with no sauce, sides or drink to save you.


Brighton is a Green and Labour stronghold

Liberal policies and progressive attitudes are the only thing on the menu in Brighton.

Morelli Zorelli

The best pizza around. Don’t believe me? Try it.


Rent’s cheaper

By 2o per cent, according to Expatistan.

The Lanes

If you’re looking for some hustle and bustle, head to The Lanes. It’s packed with everything from Mac to independent vintage shops.

Food for Friends

Known to make even the meatiest of meat fiends eat veggie, the flavours at Food for Friends are second to none. They even do vegan roast dinners.


The sense of community

Everyone just seems to look out for everyone else here, whereas in London it often feels like it’s every man for himself.

It’s becoming a ‘hotspot for startups in the UK’

Brighton is experiencing “jobs growth at more than 10 times the rate of the wider UK economy”, according to a recent report by Wired Sussex. It’s a myth that you can’t find a job in Brighton.

You can cycle anywhere

Not only is it green but it’s quick and safe. Brighton are also introducing a shared bike scheme to explore the cool city 

Brunch at The Neighbourhood

The garden features a cartoon-style mural complete with giant Jenga, great for the summer. Their brunches, burgers and beer selection makes this a must-go in Brighton.


The sea

In the summer the sea is warm enough to swim. People dig out their canoes and paddle the weekend away.

And the fresh air that comes with it

Breathe in that fresh sea air.

The Pier

Even though I’m fairly sure no one who lives in Brighton has ever set foot on it (maybe the once), it’s a central feature of our fair city.


You can get to London in 54 mins

Which is probably the amount of time you’d sometimes travel across London to meet your friends. You can still keep in touch with those schmucks that move to London, even though you probably don’t want to because Brighton > London.

Brighton gin is divine

Served with a slice of orange, this is a gin that just keeps on giving. It’s the first still to be licensed in Brighton – plus it’s made by women.


Brighton and Hove Albion is likely to get promoted

Currently top of the league – we’re almost guaranteed to be promoted to the premier league. This will bring world class teams to Brighton and give us a shot at the top. WE’RE THE WEST STAND, WE’RE THE WEST STAND, WE’RE THE WEST STAND BRIGHTON BOYS.

Bill’s started down the road in Lewes and is now in Brighton

Whether you’re curing a hangover or catching up with an old friend, Bill’s is the answer.


You take at least 20mph off the pace of life

There’s no need to push past people and no one’s in a rush. But what you lose in speed you don’t lose in activity – everything is just done in a way more chilled out manner.

The Coal Shed

Using fire to cook, the Coal Shed is a foodie favourite, having been named as one of the best restaurants in the UK by the prestigious Observer Food Monthly awards, and have also been recommended by The Telegraph, The Guardian, the Brighton & Hove Foodie Awards and many others. They use locally sourced ingredients, so you know what you’re eating is fresh as it comes.

 You can get stunning, fresh seafood


Brighton Fringe

Edinburgh Fringe comes to warm up in Brighton, meaning you can catch the acts before they head up north.


The Regency

One of the many, many great fish and chip joints down here. Regency is pegged by my friends as the best in town.

It’s ridiculously dog-friendly

Whether you own a dog or not, this is obviously a good thing. Oli and his dog Gatsby “never have any trouble getting into pubs” – whereas this is often a problem when he goes to London.


Everyone has kookie hobbies

Like bee keeping and toad-in-the-hole. Lewes, just down the road, has an influence on the hippy side of Brighton.


The Downs

A short drive and you find yourself enveloped in green hills, with stunning views over Brighton and all the surrounding cities


Providing a home for the househeads and techno lovers, Patterns puts on world renowned DJs for as little as a fiver in.

The sunsets are stunning


Local beers

Gun Brewery, SeaCider, Brighton Bier, you’ll never go thirsty in Brighton

The parking is terrible, I’ll admit

But it’s for good reason, to deter people from driving so much and keeping our city green!


The best weekend in Brighton’s calendar, everyone takes to the streets of the UK’s biggest Pride. This year it’s 4th-6th August and colours literally take over the city.


The pubs haven’t changed

Many of them boast that they’ve been the same for over 30 years, maintaining Brighton’s charm. King and Queens is one of the biggest and oldest in Brighton and yet still has an amazing atmosphere on the weekends. Especially if you like football.

Half marathon

The Brighton half, which happened yesterday, filled the city with high spirits and hungry people.


The outdoor cinema in the summer

Brave the British summer and watch a classic with your fellow Brightonians. There have even been drive-in cinema showings at Brighton racecourse.

Everywhere takes AMEX

Which is great if you’re collecting air miles. Their HQ is here so you can use your plastic nigh on anywhere in our great city.

Sussex Sharks

The pride of Brighton, and “the oldest of eighteen first-class county clubs within the domestic cricket structure of England and Wales”, according to the Sharks themselves. Nothing can beat a lazy sunny Sunday than a few beers at the County Cricket Ground.


Indiana sells the single best curry in the UK

It’s true because I say it’s true.

 You can commute to London in the same amount of time

If your work means you have to be up in London, you can easily commute up. That is, provided the dreaded Southern pull themselves together.