Sussex’s most eligible bachelor nominee: Laurence

‘I don’t want to die alone’

Laurence, 22, Mechanical Engineering


Everyone loves a guy that can grow a decent beard, and today’s bachelor is no exception. Meet Laurence, a fourth year Mechanical Engineering student who is on a quest to find the girl of his dreams. Hailing from the London suburb of Croydon, Laurence is on the look out for love.

While Laurence finds it hard to pinpoint a specific wild moment he’s had at Sussex, he can confirm that he is “out on the sesh every night” because he is “just so fucking wild”. Former President of the Men’s Hockey Team, you will most likely find Laurence in Pryzm on Wednesdays dressed in a whole array of fancy dress.

When it comes to his go-to drink on a night out, he confesses that whenever he’s “on the sesh”, he’ll drink anything that he can find in a pint glass.


While Laurence builds a race car for his degree by day, by night, he likes to relax in a bath surrounded by scented candles and listen to a nice playlist of grime. He will then progress to drinking his bottle of wine with a straw (keeping it classy) and watching Mean Girls. Sounds like the perfect night in if we’re honest.


After telling us he has been single for a total of 1151 weeks, Laurence’s ideal first date location would be “I’d take them to Cincinnati Zoo, RIP Harambe.”. It’s clear Laurence is a keen animal-lover due to his support of apes and his preference for “pussy, but deep down I prefer doggy”.

The 22-year-old describes himself as “tasty” as well as possessing a special talent in “DM sliding” so keep an eye on your inboxes ladies.

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