Can Jubelieve it?: £29 mil ceiling collapses after rain

Expensive new buildings ceiling collapses due to weather.

campus collapse jubilee rain sussex university

Sussex University’s brand new £29 million building, Jubilee, apparently wasn’t built for this weather, as the ceiling has collapsed. The building opened in 2012 in honour of the University’s Golden Jubilee, and is home to the School of Business, Management, & Economics.

The Tab’s advice about how to weather this weather appeared not to apply to architecture as heavy rainfall caused parts of the ceiling to fall through.

This is not the first time this year that the roof has come down in a university building as the ceiling in East Slope Bar also collapsed in early November.

In regards to Jubilee, the University have issued a statement reassuring us that “this is not a general fault with the building as a whole”. Well I for one feel reassured; but if a building that costs the same as Mario Balotelli can’t stand a bit of rain, maybe we need someone else to look into this.