Council says yes to new campus car park

It will be built behind Jubilee next year

VIDEO: John Duffy Gets Heckled Out Of Library Square

John Duffy got well and truly mugged off in front of his pals in the middle of campus…

Where to find drugs on campus: The definitive guide to getting high

The map of where students have been getting high on campus.

16 iMacs stolen off Sussex campus!

Thefts on campus lead to Police Investigation.

Can Jubelieve it?: £29 mil ceiling collapses after rain

Expensive new buildings ceiling collapses due to weather.

Lawyer backing the Sussex 5 stalls disciplinary hearing

The lawyer defending the students in question wins the battle to temporarily cancel disciplinary hearing.

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Campus life can offer a surprisingly fun alternative to going out in the town every night. Here is our run down of the best nights out on campus.

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5 Types of people you meet in seminars

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No hope for East Slope: Uni bigwigs bin Sussex’s ropiest halls

With ‘The Man’ knocking down campus’s biggest party scene, what will be the consequences for life post-East Slope?

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