Liam Evans

Liam Evans
Sussex University


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Kids With Beards

Ninos con Barbas

Caroline keeps Brighton Green

If I was richer, I’d still be with ya

Vote Liam for President

What’s the worst that could happen?

Landlord finds dead ‘student’ during house viewing

A group were viewing the house when the body was discovered

I got a tattoo gun for Christmas, and now I’m ruining people’s lives with it

Now their mums are threatening me with pitchforks on Facebook

Sussex women’s rugby nude charity calendar: Sneak peak

See the pics here

Students crash car at Old Steine

I’m in the car right now, I’m doing 90 on the freeway

Like a bus: New bus tickets just for students


Dead porpoise that shagged itself to death found inland in Sussex

Some situations are just fucked up

How to prepare for Hurricane Gonzalo

‘There’s a storm coming, Harry. And we all best be ready when she does’

Half naked girls are sending in pictures of themselves to Jägerrocks

These are those pictures

Student kicked out of Sainsbury’s for being gay

Homophobic customer ‘disgusted’ after light kiss.

Suits you sir: Brighton Fashion Week returns

What have they got up their sleeve?

‘No dosh, no NOS’: Interview with a laughing gas dealer

Nitrous oxide, it’s no laughing matter.

‘I’m not a pole dancer’: Meet the guy pioneering pole fitness

Kent student Will has chosen poles over rugby balls

Student caught masturbating in library

Male student seen doing the five-knuckle-shuffle in Sussex library

Brighton student blown up fighting for Al-Qaeda

Ibrahim Kamara ‘dreamed of martyrdom’

Burn baby burn: Thatcher banner burned on campus

Banner displayed by anti-socialists gets burned by socialists

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The alternative guide to Sussex Freshers Week

Are you tired of your parents telling you what to do? Let us tell you what to do instead

Sussex students pay tribute to former Chancellor Richard Attenborough

Vice-Chancellor hails ‘great’ actor and director

Piss, puke and pigs: What do you regret most about your time at uni?

We spoke to some of London’s wildest characters about the things they wish they hadn’t done

What your condom says about you

Heeeeeeeeeere’s Johnny!

Colossus of fun: Roehampton rent Thorpe Park for Freshers’ Week

Prepare to get wet

Brighton Naked Bike Ride: The Day in Pictures

Probably NSFW, if your work aren’t keen on naked people on bikes.

Monstrous ink: The best and worst of student tattoos

Tattoos are cool. Everyone knows that. Here are some good and bad tatts from university campuses across the UK

‘Friends blank me in the street’: Meet UKIP’s young guns

We met some young UKIP candidates to find out if they’re anything like Nigel Farage

Nationalists, anti-fascists & disco lovers: ‘March for England’ returns to Brighton

‘Fascist’ group ‘March for England’ returns to Brighton, and shit does not go down…

VIDEO: John Duffy Gets Heckled Out Of Library Square

John Duffy got well and truly mugged off in front of his pals in the middle of campus…

Student loans should be a benefit

Even prisoners get benefits, why shouldn’t students.

How many Chinese students does it take to change a lightbulb?

Foreign students become the vast majority at British uni’s.


Somewhere between James Blunt’s first album and the Leveson Inquiry OCD has become cool.

Are Brighton’s club promoters the biggest tools on the planet?

We’ve only gone and interviewed a couple of fuckin’ promoters for Brighton’s newest night.

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Female student auctions off her virginity

Medical student puts her virginity up for bidding on the internet.

IRA attack Brighton

Bomb on Queens road linked to Republicans

Think that curry gave me a case of the puns…

The best collection of puns written in Sussex campus toilets…

Sussex swipe £300k in library fines from students


Best of Fat Poppadaddys 2014

The best photos from Fat Poppadaddys at the Haunt on Mondays.

Student Hippies: Fuck Off!

I don’t want a free hug. FUCK OFF.

13 things you’ll only understand if you go to Sussex Uni

You’re not alone.

QUIZ: Which Brighton club night are you?

Are you a Fatpoppadaddys fiend or a Paradiso playa? Take our quiz and find out!

Where to find drugs on campus: The definitive guide to getting high

The map of where students have been getting high on campus.

YOU CAN’T SIT WITH US: SU candidates confirm they cannot take a joke

The collection of ways in which SU candidates told the Tab to jog on.

Keep your stupid feelings to yourself: The most cringe Valentine’s Day statuses

We’ve scoured the web for Facebook’s most cringe statuses

BREAKING: City centre sealed off after bomb threat on Queen’s Road

Bomb in Brighton linked to ongoing terrorist threat

What your drug of choice says about you

Smoke a bit of weed? Dabble in a bit of MDMA? Fan of Ketamine? Frequent the coke? What does your drug say about your character?

Can Jubelieve it?: £29 mil ceiling collapses after rain

Expensive new buildings ceiling collapses due to weather.

Banned Sussex rugby team try to pull down tree

Exiled student rugby boys attempt tree-felling in a hilarious clip.

Crouching tiger, hidden rodent: Brighton’s Asian restaurants slammed by Food Standards Agency

Asian restaurants throughout Brighton score appallingly low in Food Hygiene ratings.

It’s The Tab Wot Won It: Government change plans to close pubs for World Cup games

Tab campaign results in Government U-turn on plan to close pubs during England’s World Cup football games.

Beer, football & pubs: ConDem government close pubs

Government rulings mean pubs can’t show England play at the 2014 World Cup.

The best of #TabTransferDeadlineDay

The football transfer window is always awash with bollocks. So The Tab tried its hand at starting its own rumours.

Student Union President nominations!

Time is running out to nominate yourself as a candidate to run for Sussex University Student Union President.

Flood warnings throughout Sussex: Top 10 tips for staying safe

“The weather outside is frightful” and all, so here is our top advice about how to stay safe during the potential floods, storms and possibly even ‘mini-tornadoes’.

Porn use in Brighton reveals whore-ifying facts about wanking habits

Our ‘hard’ facts show what you dirty lot have been watching in your X-rated free time.

Lawyer backing the Sussex 5 stalls disciplinary hearing

The lawyer defending the students in question wins the battle to temporarily cancel disciplinary hearing.

A letter from the editor

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Best nights on campus

Campus life can offer a surprisingly fun alternative to going out in the town every night. Here is our run down of the best nights out on campus.

Sussex sucks at University Challenge

Sussex graduates get knocked out of University Challenge in first round against Leicester

Choosing a house in Brighton: What your area says about you

Leaving campus for the first time, or looking for a change? Here’s the Tab’s guide to student housing in Brighton and Hove

Worst people to ever live in Brighton

This small sea-side town in East Sussex has been home to the greats like Churchill, Steve Coogan, and Simon Cowell, but who are the worst we’ve housed?

Why people seem to hate student Conservatives

Student Conservatives, almost an oxymoron, why does everyone hate them?

7 of the weirdest societies

University is a hub for the weird and wonderful. Here is just the weird. The weird societies to be specific.

5 Facts about the Sussex 5

Sometimes journalists use facts, and nothing but the facts. Here are some facts about the Sussex 5

5 Types of people you meet in seminars

University is a hub of diversity. This is our top 5 cliché character profiles.

Brighton footballer picks an odd way to show-off skills

Young footballer shows off his skill at the detriment of another guys face.

Sussex’s worst graduates

Most unis are proud of their alumni, but Sussex have produced some genuinely awful people

The worst nights out in Brighton

Brighton is supposedly England’s best clubbing scene. Supposedly