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Sussex lecturer to chair by-election hustings

A Sussex student is standing as the Conservative candidate.

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Which Sussex Uni bar are you?

Are you an East Slope or a Falmer? An IDS or a Clubhouse? Find out here.

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Sussex scientists have discovered how to levitate food straight into your mouth.

Wingardium Leviosa

And the Boundary Festival Headliner is….

Who will you be going with?

Council says yes to new campus car park

It will be built behind Jubilee next year

Graduate protestor bags £20k in damages from Sussex

The uni falsely branded campus protests as ‘criminal behaviour’

Sussex ranked as one of the best unis in the world

Brighton didn’t make it

October highlights in Brighton

Hey Brighton, what’s good?

Fashion at the vintage fair

It was my mum’s in the 80s

Sussex are offering 50 scholarships to Syrian refugees

You can donate to the cause online

Brighton Color Run attracts hundreds

It’s called ‘the happiest 5k on the planet’ for a reason

How to dress Sussex

Term is in full swing, and the trends of the year are emerging

We’re getting a 1,000ft slip n’ slide in B-town

Surf’s up

SU Officer investigated for supporting controversial #killallwhitemen figure

Our Communications officer is in trouble for backing up Bahar Mustafa

What are Brighton’s best cafés to study in?

Let’s face it, Starbucks is too expensive and Costa and Nero just aren’t vibesin’

Cops Off Campus create anarchy in Jubilee

Law and disorder

This Sussex prankster is more famous than you

Hang on to your lighters

The alternative guide to Sussex Freshers Week

Are you tired of your parents telling you what to do? Let us tell you what to do instead

ASL: Sussex uni hands-out students personal information

Our university gives personal data of students to police, and refuse to say why.

VIDEO: John Duffy Gets Heckled Out Of Library Square

John Duffy got well and truly mugged off in front of his pals in the middle of campus…