VIDEO: John Duffy Gets Heckled Out Of Library Square

John Duffy got well and truly mugged off in front of his pals in the middle of campus…

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It’s a sunny day, why not take the opportunity to film some promo stuff for the uni?

I can think of a few reasons.

a) no one likes you
b) seriously, everyone hates you

Like the Kings of old, the unelected John Duffy is rarely seen out of his castle/office. The same office that is often affectionately referred to as the ‘fortress’, due to the amount of security and lack of peasant/student presence.

Since the anti-privatization has grown into a national phenomenon,  Mr. Duffy presumably spends most of his time trying to avoid confrontation at all cost. Confrontation from students, confrontation from teachers, confrontation from ancillary staff, confrontation from the media etc…

Well not today.

John Duffy was seen in the middle of Library Square trying to film some promo stuff. It did not last for long.

Sussex legend Lewis Nielson was seen chatting away to Mr. Duffy asking questions like “why do you have staff on campus living below the minimum wage?” and “are you going to explain why you suspended me?”.

John Duffy stayed uncomfortably quiet.

Lewis can be heard saying that “if you want to do interviews in library square, then you have to be accountable to your students”. This feeling is one that is echoed by concerned students throughout the UK at the moment.

This incident comes at the peak of a campaign against Sussex uni bigwigs.

The students union have just passed a motion of no confidence against the Vice Chancellors Executive Group (VCEG).

One blogger, Tabitha Rohrer, has accurately stated that “if they see the university as a business and students as consumers, we’ve made it clear that we think their customer service sucks”.

John Duffy, not to be mistaken for the infamous 1980’s serial rapist and killer, has been described by one source as “just a man trying to make the uni more profitable” has also been described by another source as “Michael Farthing’s little bitch”.

Either way, one thing is certain after today’s incident, we won’t be seeing any of management out and about for a while.

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