How to dress Sussex

Term is in full swing, and the trends of the year are emerging

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If you want to dress like a typical Sussex student, these are the latest trends in Brighton. 


Bright Hair – as seen on Cali Lyle, Undergraduate in International Development

While runways seem to be obsessed with brightly coloured clothes, students of Sussex have been sporting brightly coloured hair instead. Reds, pinks, blues… name a colour and someone will be sporting it. Cali’s all-black outfit lets her pink locks do the talking.


Big Backpacks – as seen on Yulianna Kazak, 3rd Year International Relations and Sociology 

A perfect example of utilitarian chic is this backpack. Not surprising, considering how many students cycle (bikes and totes don’t mix). From minimalist black to fun prints, the backpack is back with a bang at Brighton. Bonus Brighton points to Yulianna for her fun shirt.


Satchels – as seen on Georgia Hayter, Undergraduate in History

If you’re not a backpack fan, a satchel is the next best thing. The satchel hasn’t shied away from prints either. You can spot these beauties in a range of colours and prints across campus, like Georgia’s polka-dot affair.


Ripped jeans- as seen on Abi Cohen, Undegraduate in English Lit

You may think that ripped jeans are scruffy, but Sussex students like Abi are reclaiming them and giving them a chic makeover by adding minimalistic coats and scarves. Grunge has never been so on point.


Statement Jackets- as seen on Emilie Thevenoz, 1st year Anthropology

Winter is coming, and so are the jackets. From basic leather to printed knits like this, Sussex is already ahead in the winter fashion stakes. Perfect for fending off the chilly sea air.