Sarah George

A Sussex student has won an award for his electric car battery design

He could change the face of electric cars forever

UPDATE: van fire being treated as accidental

The blaze broke out in Elder Place this lunchtime

BREAKING: Van bursts into flames in city centre

Dramatic scenes could be seen from London Road

Council says yes to new campus car park

It will be built behind Jubilee next year

This guy swam in a huge muddy puddle at Lewes bonfire

Firecrackers exploded around him while he did it

Extra officers transferred to Sussex as reports of rape rise

There were 677 recorded rapes of adults this year, compared to 603 last year.

Sussex seafront zip wires get the go ahead

Time to soar over the seafront

This is what Sussex uni is like, according to Facebook reviews

We’ve not got enough free cake to deserve five stars

Southern Rail has been nominated for the Passengers Matter award, seriously

Brighton MP Caroline Lucas thinks the nomination is ‘a joke’

How to offend a Linguistics student

No, we aren’t fluent in every language

Sussex’s top 200 spot is particularly bittersweet this year

At least we still beat Brighton, right?

How my clean eating turned into orthorexia

People kept complimenting me for being skinny

All the shitty things people say to you as a bisexual girl

‘Just pick a side already’

All the shitty things people say to you as a bisexual girl

‘Just pick a side already’

The Bulldog is on sale for a cushty £1.1 million

It’s the oldest gay bar in the village

Brighton Wheel will close for good this weekend

You’ve only got a few more days to catch a ride

Jewish Society slams SU officers for backing new NUS President Malia Bouattia

She was elected earlier today

Sussex in the top 60 UK unis according to students

In our own opinion, we’re pretty great

There’s going to be a great charity gig on campus this week

We interviewed the organiser

John Duffy won’t be punished for wrongly accusing students of crimes

He accused protesters of “organising or leading…unlawful occupations” in 2013