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Sarah George
Sussex University


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A Sussex student has won an award for his electric car battery design

He could change the face of electric cars forever

UPDATE: van fire being treated as accidental

The blaze broke out in Elder Place this lunchtime

BREAKING: Van bursts into flames in city centre

Dramatic scenes could be seen from London Road

Council says yes to new campus car park

It will be built behind Jubilee next year

This guy swam in a huge muddy puddle at Lewes bonfire

Firecrackers exploded around him while he did it

Extra officers transferred to Sussex as reports of rape rise

There were 677 recorded rapes of adults this year, compared to 603 last year.

Sussex seafront zip wires get the go ahead

Time to soar over the seafront

This is what Sussex uni is like, according to Facebook reviews

We’ve not got enough free cake to deserve five stars

Southern Rail has been nominated for the Passengers Matter award, seriously

Brighton MP Caroline Lucas thinks the nomination is ‘a joke’

How to offend a Linguistics student

No, we aren’t fluent in every language

Sussex’s top 200 spot is particularly bittersweet this year

At least we still beat Brighton, right?

How my clean eating turned into orthorexia

People kept complimenting me for being skinny

How to avoid tourists in Brighton

Summer is coming

All the shitty things people say to you as a bisexual girl

‘Just pick a side already’

The Bulldog is on sale for a cushty £1.1 million

It’s the oldest gay bar in the village

Brighton Wheel will close for good this weekend

You’ve only got a few more days to catch a ride

Jewish Society slams SU officers for backing new NUS President Malia Bouattia

She was elected earlier today

Sussex in the top 60 UK unis according to students

In our own opinion, we’re pretty great

There’s going to be a great charity gig on campus this week

We interviewed the organiser

John Duffy won’t be punished for wrongly accusing students of crimes

He accused protesters of “organising or leading…unlawful occupations” in 2013

Students and staff are strongly in favour of remaining in the EU

Only 10 percent of the Sussex body are pro-Brexit

The best secret places to study on campus

If you’ve only been to the ground floor of the library, you’re doing it wrong

Sussex has announced our new Vice Chancellor

Adam Tickell will take over from Michael Farthing this September

English Lit students angry about two-week delay in marking essays

They may have to wait until April 14

Every person you’ll meet in an English Literature lecture

We get it, you love Marx

Sussex shocked as Caroline Lucas admits she is the owner of library cat

She’s got big, cat-based plans for campus

Sussex is a world-leading university in eight subjects

Good news for Geographers and Anthropologists

Sussex climbs student experience league table

We know how to have a good time

Things you probably didn’t know about the campus Co-Op

Insider info from an employee

Union staff and hundreds of students show support for #DontDeportLuqman

Bramber House is currently being occupied

Two buildings on Sussex campus have been occupied by two different groups of protesters

One group are campaigning against sexual harassment, the other against the deportation of a Sussex grad

Sex column: An ode to female masturbation

Let us flick our beans

Brighton and Sussex students back campaign for more male marrow donors

You can donate this Wednesday on campus

SU elections close with worst voter turnout in four years

The new officer team was announced last night

Brighton expected to get snow this weekend

Bust out the hat and scarf

The SU are hosting a ‘Period Pride Day’ on Thursday

It’s to ‘reduce the shame often associated with menstruation’

Wild Life festival lineup announced

It’s set to be massive

What your campus lunch spot says about you

If it’s at Falmer Bar you’re ballin’

Teh Univursity of Susex page is the best thing in Brighton right now

We spoke to the creator behind it

The best of Sussex’s fire Yik Yak game with Brighton

They’re still recovering

Sussex students dressed as giant pills to raise AIDS awareness

Brighton has the highest recorded levels of HIV/AIDS outside of London

Uni WiFi is down after cyber attack

Hackers send library services into meltdown

Why you should write for The Tab Sussex next term

Be read by thousands before you graduate

Islamophobic charity benefactors cause chaos on campus

They shouted ‘ISIS are coming’ at the Muslim Student Centre

Meet the teetotal students of Sussex

No Jaegerbombs for these guys

Casablanca is the night we all love to hate

But we still go all the time

The referendum for The Badger’s independence is no longer going ahead

Badger vote has been culled

Students gathered in tribute to victims of recent terror attacks

Sussex reacts to the recent tragedies in Paris, Beirut and Baghdad

Students to vote on the future of The Badger

The publication could soon be independent from the SU

Sussex spends over £1500 a year on Christmas decorations

Deck the halls with student’s money

Who are you trying to impress with your wall hanging?

They’re not as edgy as you think

Has Christmas come to campus too early?

Ho, ho, holy shit the tree is back

Want to join our editorial team?

The Tab Sussex needs you

Meet the students running Pink Week for Breast Cancer Care

Its not just for girls

How to hack the SU co-op bakery, by a baker

Everyone needs to know the peak time to get cookies

SU served burgers wrongly labelled Halal

It was a genuine mistake

Why clubbing on Halloween is the worst

We’re just lying to ourselves

Steins, lederhosen and oompah: Oktoberfest on campus

Sussex loves a good stein

Uni splurges whopping £120k on organ refurbishment

It’s ‘an enormous waste of money’

Graduate protestor bags £20k in damages from Sussex

The uni falsely branded campus protests as ‘criminal behaviour’

October highlights in Brighton

Hey Brighton, what’s good?

Library pigeon is back

The BBNOC (Biggest Bird Name on Campus) makes his triumphant return

Sussex SU attempts to censor their own newspaper

Badger writers are tweeting #YoureCullingUs in response.

Coming soon to the AmEx Stadium: A £16m Hotel

The Amex is an iconic part of the campus skyline, and it’s set to get a swanky new hotel.

Breaking: VC Michael Farthing is stepping down

The university is already on the hunt for a successor.

Massive campus extension project finally approved

Northfield will no longer be the new blocks on the block

Sussex grads stun their wedding guests with ‘unique’ first dance

They met in Breakdancing Society and have been together ever since

160,000 come together to celebrate Brighton Pride

Brighton came out in full force

This is what it’s like to do the Brighton Naked Bike Ride

Sun’s out, bums out

Police comb campus for suspects after sick prank

Dangerous wire traps were found all over Coldean woods.

We’re getting a 1,000ft slip n’ slide in B-town

Surf’s up

Police appeal for information after student goes missing

Chay Dunn hasn’t been seen for 11 days

Sussex climbs Guardian league tables in a big way

We don’t want to brag, but this is really something else.

Spotted: Best of deadline dash

All work and no play makes Sussex full of these people.

Sussex dubbed mediocre in beauty and happiness stakes

Ditto Brighton.

Sussex police appeal for information after a woman is raped in Revenge

Contact them if you have any information about this man.

Great grad prospects for Sussex

Good news, for once: Sussex makes the top 25 universities based on grad prospects

These are the candidates running in Brighton for the General Election

There’s more to life than Caroline you know

Sussex and Brighton rated shockingly low for student satisfaction

Are we really so bad, or are you lot just very hard to please?

Sussex comes top 30 in uni popularity contest


Lib Dem soc blast Greens for ‘illegal and dishonest’ antics on campus

‘Students for Caroline’ have been persuading students to hand over their right to vote to Green campaigners

Amnesty International supporters zip themselves into body bags on Brighton beach

The body bags were placed in a protest regarding the UK’s response to the Mediterranean migrant crisis

Local man puts a strain on the DVLA by wearing a colander in his photo for ‘religious reasons’

Eccentric dad Ian is challenging the DVLA who have told him to remove his “religious headgear” from his driving licence photo – because it’s a colander

Shooshh starts to breathalyse clubbers

Shooshh staff will breathalyze punters who appear to be too drunk.

Speaking aloud banned on campus as part of safe space policy

What do you mean ‘check the date’?

The SU (re-)election results are in

Sussex students don’t seem to like change very much

A guy tried to break into my house because he was so drunk he thought he still lived there

‘He was so wasted he forgot where he’d been living for the past year’

Sussex campus style

It’s nearly the end of term, but we haven’t all given up and started wearing onesies to lectures just yet

Sussex and Brighton rivalry peaks as varsity kicks off

We just love to hate each other

Meet Jonny Harris: Rugby legend and future activities officer

Always use a jonny

Meet Emily Robbins: Activities officer and real life girl-wonder

She’s a total babe

Seagulls are ruining our lives

Why can’t we have eagles instead?

Finalists’ outrage as exams timetabled the day after dissertation deadlines

Third years petition against unfair assessment timetables

Everyone at Sussex University needs to calm down

One of our Rugby boys wants you to chill your beans

Nominate your BNOC of the year

Who’s the biggest name in Sussex?

Do Brighton students really have the most sex in the UK?

Sussex are lagging behind

Fine feline: Have you seen the library cat?

You have cat to be kitten me right meow

A lot of people seem angry about the union’s now-cancelled Beyonce event

It’s caused outrage among feminists – who are notoriously hard to piss off

Sussex Uni Question Time: The highlights

Shockingly, UKIP weren’t very popular

This Sussex prankster is more famous than you

Hang on to your lighters

Meet the Sussex actors who smashed Edinburgh Fringe festival

They call themselves Kids With Beards, and they’re taking to YouTube, and then Sussex campus