Sussex ranked as one of the best unis in the world

Brighton didn’t make it

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A study by US News has chosen the world’s 750 best universities, and Sussex has been ranked a distinctly average 248th.

The rankings were “based on 12 indicators that measure their academic research performance and their global and regional reputations” and are intended to help students “explore the higher education options that exist beyond their own countries’ borders.”

The only thing more pointless than this list is pre-peeled bananas in plastic wrappers (look it up). Our university’s position in the list doesn’t show how legendary SKINT nights are on Tuesdays.


The list doesn’t capture the romance of walks in the hills and forests behind Northfield. It doesn’t show how East Slope has, hands down, the best hangover cures in the world (holy beef burger and sacred nachos).

On a more official note, it doesn’t show how Harvard’s Development Studies department is second only to ours.

But the list does one good thing – it puts Brighton University in its place. It’s not even on there. Perhaps due to Brighton University’s lack of a beautiful campus or maybe due to the nonsense that they call halls of residence, the almighty university-rankers have judged it best to ignore the existence of the other university.