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Sussex scientists have discovered how to levitate food straight into your mouth.

Wingardium Leviosa

Levitating Food sussex

Just when we thought modern technology had reached its peak, science hits us with another life changing possibility; food that will literally float into your mouth.

Scientists of the SCHI Lab at the University of Sussex have created a contactless food-delivery system using ultrasound to enable acoustic levitation. Aptly named “TastyFloats”, this new system promises alternative and exciting culinary experiences.

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Orange you amazed?

So how is it possible to float food? Acoustic levitation is achieved by using strong sound-waves to push against particles from all directions, allowing the particles to be levitated. Movement of the levitated object is then achieved by changing the sound emitters to create a standing wave. Yeah, science!

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Let's get wavey

Don’t worry about the effect flying has on how your food tastes either. Studies conducted to assess the effect levitation has on taste discovered that levitated food produces more intense favourable flavours (such as sweet and savoury). Bitterness, commonly seen as an unpleasant taste, is less detectable. This means that not only does the food literally fly towards you, it also tastes good whilst doing so.

Of course, the most important question is when will be able to access this wonderful phenomenon? The lead researcher of this experiment, Dr Chi Thanh Vi, believes this food delivery system “could be valuable for creating new novel restaurant experiences.” Maybe in the future we will all have access to floating cakes in cafes.

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Although it seems like nothing could be better than flying snacks, Sussex colleagues are also working to apply this technology towards medical usage. Acoustic levitation relies on ultrasound, meaning it may be incorporated into the pinpoint delivery of drugs by levitating them through the body. This precision could have a huge impact on treating illnesses and improve the lives of many.

Further Wonka-esque inventions may be on the horizon, as Sussex researchers are exploring technology development that interacts with all our senses. A university spokesperson said their investigations have “huge commercial potential,” and, “the group are already working with entertainment companies about possible collaborations.”

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What will they create in their lab next?

Hopefully these discoveries at Sussex University will be the first step towards new and exciting exciting multisensory experiences.