This Sussex prankster is more famous than you

Hang on to your lighters

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By day, this second year studies Business Management. But by night, he is a prankster, actor and vlogger.

Salman Parekh, 22, is quickly rising to online fame. We spoke to him to find out what it’s like to be an internet sensation.

What’s it like going and making these videos?

With pranks, it’s very exciting as you have no idea what kind of reaction there is going to be. You have to improvise according to the situations which arise. I think overall, it’s a pretty enjoyable experience.

Has a prank ever gone wrong?

Since the lighter prank was my first filmed prank and I wasn’t that experienced, a couple of people wanted to smash my face just for taking their lighters away.

Who inspires you?

I enjoy watching a lot of other YouTubers. Some of my favourite ones are NigaHiga, VitalyTv and JusReign, but I am always trying to not be too influenced by their comedy style to keep diversity in the online community. People don’t want to watch the same things all the time.

How many views on average do you get?

Average views for my videos are 50,000 -100,000 in the first week. Unfortunately Youtube has been banned in Pakistan, which is where I am from. Because of this, the majority of my views are received on my Facebook page named ‘Maansals’. The page has over 160,000 likes already.

Do you want to be a pro prankster after you graduate, or do you have another career in mind?

I am probably not going to go pro. I would like to be doing something to do with business probably after my degree, but that doesn’t mean I have to stop doing what I do now as well.