Jamie Bailey
Jamie Bailey

EXCLUSIVE: David Attenborough is coming to Sussex Uni

He’s coming to do a one-off talk at the Attenborough Centre

‘I’m here to show students that your opinion matters.’: The Tab Sussex talks to Frida Gustafsson

The current SU President is running for a second term

Live updates: Smoke bombs and chants as hundreds of protesters descend on Sussex Uni

We will be updating this article

‘It has become difficult to leave the house’: The Tab Sussex investigates the effects of strikes on mental health

“Myself and others have felt discouraged, unenthusiastic, and lost”

‘I wish I had the power to install free buses’: We spoke to SU President candidate Duncan Michie

“I’m trying to start a fight with management, the politest person won’t do that.”

Students from across the UK are planning to hold a national demo at Sussex University

The demonstration is as a result of the failure of UUK negotiations

Want compensation for missed Sussex lectures? Here’s what you can do to help

You can help get compensation for Sussex students

Sussex SU President candidates announced

The SU has revealed all those running for positions

Before East Slope Bar shuts for good, we need to tell you about one of its secret drinks

She’s green, she’s mean, and she’s gonna fuck you up

Strikes: Stop demanding a refund, demand the education you came for

A refund won’t make a difference to your future, education will

Sussex House takes down Pride flag, on the day of Sussex Pride

Today is the first ever Sussex Pride

Breaking: Reports of assault as Sussex strike protesters disrupt lecture

They were chanting ‘leave your lectures, join the strikes’

Sussex SU votes to support students demanding compensation from strikes

The strikes are set to take place from Thursday onwards

Sussex University reveals new accommodation prices, huge cuts in current housing prices

A third of residences will see their rent drop

Sussex Students’ Union is planning a new summer festival

They want you to get involved with the planning

After being slammed as ‘bigoted and intolerant’ by Jacob Rees-Mogg, creator of Frida petition closes it down

The petition called for a vote of no confidence in the SU President

It’s official: Northfield is getting it’s own bar

Bye bye East Slope, hello Northfield

If you leave your submission to the last minute and Study Direct crashes, you’re part of the problem

A deadline is a limit for submitting your work, not a target

Let’s be honest, every student bedroom needs a cactus

I’m a succer for a succulent

Which Sussex Uni bar are you?

Are you an East Slope or a Falmer? An IDS or a Clubhouse? Find out here.