Belle Johnson

Has Brighton Pride really been cancelled?

No. No it hasn’t

We sent two girls who know nothing about clothes to Brighton Fashion Week

It went about as well as expected

The boys are back! Sussex welcomes Exiles home

Everyone loves rugby. Those of you who don’t are lying. Because you do. Why do we hate the player when we don’t hate the game?

Student found guilty of Brighton nightclub sexual assault

A student has been found guilty of sexual assault after groping a girl’s bum in a nightclub “as a joke”.

Masked men rob student house on Beaconsfield Road

Thieves force entry and steal valuables

Sussex breaks into top 20…just MONTHS after The Tab launches there

Coincidence? I think fucking not

Sussex Eweniversity Becomes Blood Baaath

Dead ram outside Lewes Court flat sparks controversy across campus.

ASL: Sussex uni hands-out students personal information

Our university gives personal data of students to police, and refuse to say why.

Student ‘forgets name’ after taking new strain of MDMA

Barbadian student suffers memory loss after ‘NaNa’ binge


It was the international day of happiness yesterday. Here are 15 facts to continue the smiles…

Craigslist: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Do you want someone to jerk off a cat while you tweezer your pubic hair? Find it on Craigslist…

£9,000 to come. £20,000 to leave. University spends 100k disciplining Sussex Five

Sussex Uni be throwin’ hundies

Things girls say that are completely petrifying

Help. Please, someone, help

Tab Tries… Going sober at an East Slope underground [email protected]

Belle Johnson tries going to a campus party in Sussex’s most renowned party halls.