Locals raging over B-listed building demolition plans

It’s to be knocked down for student flats

argyle street b listed new accomodation student flats

Furious residents have protested over developers’ plans to destroy a B-listed building and turn it into modern living space.

The proposal involves demolishing the towering red sandstone block next to Primark on Argyle Street and rebuilding with retail space and over 130 bedrooms.

But locals are pissed off that more architecture, culture and heritage is being erased to house young lazy layabouts.

The building on Argyle Street

Neighbouring Cairns Bar on Miller Street, a popular Glasgow staple for cheap pints and Sky TV, would also be pulled down to make room for uni pupils.

Local protestors signed the petition: “Save Glasgow’s Heritage” while fighting for the council to reject the plans.

Cairns Bar

Christy Mearns, Scottish Greens candidate for the Anderson area, told The Evening Times: “It is worrying that the city centre’s heritage could be lost. We should be trying to protect it.

“Demolishing a building that has historic and cultural significance, in an area that is slowly being eaten up by new builds, would severely disrupt the character and identity of this historic community.

“This building forms an integral part of the heritage of the city but it also holds a prominent place being on the high street itself.

“At a time when there’s a shortage of social housing for people we need to ask: do we need another student flats development?”

Mural on the ground floor

However, third year Maths student Rachel told The Tab: “I think we really need more affordable housing.

“I was in a position this year where, after being continuously messed around by unreliable landlords and increasing rent prices, I thought I would have nowhere to live for the upcoming year.

“Luckily, I managed to get something sorted last minute but I believe lots of students have been in my situation. It is an empty building with no purpose at the moment but it could be used to help others.”