Glasgow is the best city in the UK to be a student

Who can refuse a munchie box?


Glasgow is a paradise for students. With three different universities to choose from – ranging from prestigious Russell Group Glasgow University, the place of “useful learning” Strathclyde and forward thinking Cali – every student has a place in the city.

You can follow in the footsteps of explorer David Livingstone, writer Robert Louis Stevenson or television pioneer John-Logie Baird, who all studied here in Glasgow.

With around 45,000 of us students calling Glasgow home, it is time to ditch the outdated stereotypes that we are all raging violent alcoholics and just start celebrating what a fantastic place it really is. From the progressive attitudes, the cheap bevy and the friendly locals, Glasgow is the best place to study in the UK.

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The scran

Let’s start with the most important thing: Glasgow is the best city in Scotland for students to eat. Whether you are vegan and love raw foods, a gym junkie who obsesses over macros or someone who just loves a proper unhealthy munch from time to time, there is something for everyone.

The deep fried pizza in all its glory

And it is cheap.  For the price of a sandwich meal deal in London and other big English cities, you can binge till you burst at lunchtime. I’m talking a deep fried pizza for £1.20. For all you healthy people, Prep Fitness Kitchen and Martha’s are both musts with an abundance of fresh and tasty produce.

Vegans can indulge at Stereo, Mono and The Old Hairdressers for top notch food at next to nothing. We are voted the most Vegan-friendly city in the UK, after all. And the best place for food after you’ve been out? Pomme-Frites on Sauchiehall Street for heavenly chips or the new MASSIVE Bistro above Bamboo.

Salt and pepper munchie box, what dreams are made of

It is literally a Kebab Palace. And for when you are hungover the opportunities are endless: think munchie boxes, salt and pepper munchie boxes and every variation of the burger you can imagine on St. Vincent Street.

Oh, and a delivery service for McDonald’s, Burger King and KFC has just started, so you will never be left peckish and fading away in halls, ever.

The original munchie box

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The nightlife is the best in the UK 

There are so many amazing bars and clubs in Glasgow for students. It doesn’t matter what kind of vibe or music you are into because there WILL be somewhere for you to go and feel completely at home. For all the country kids arriving for the first time, it can be daunting but there are bars and clubs for everyone, just depending on what you like.

Buff Club Thursdays

For when SAAS day seems like a lifetime away and your funds are disappearing, hit up Firewater for 89p vodkas on a Thursday. Every student has said it at one point or another: “I can come out but only if we go to Firewater because I’m skint.” You can get steaming for a fiver. Beware though, it can often be filled with hipster wannabes but for 89p vodkas, who can complain?

Sauchiehall and Bath Street are infamous. Lined with great bar after bar: Flat 01, Howling Wolf, Slouch, The Tiki Bar, Bunker, Box, Bloc, Mango (£1 tequilas), Nice n Sleazys etc… The list goes on.

We LOVE the Garage

The best of the best include the legendary SubClub, events at SWG3, hiphop Thursdays at BuffClub and with no shame, any night at The Garage. If you prefer something a bit more glamorous, head to The Sanctuary or Kushion.

However, the best part of any night out in Glasgow is watching the chaos unfold at the end of the night. Sauchiehall Street becomes a martian land. Girls walk barefoot through the street, heels in hand, often arguing with nearby guys and throwing chips and cheese over into their sweaty hair.

The roads become the pavements. Fights break out. And the dash to get a taxi home becomes blood-thirsting and more competitive than an Olympic sport.

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It’s open-minded and progressive

Another great thing about Glasgow is how progressive a city it is. Throughout the referendum, we celebrated a political awakening with more people encouraged to voice their views and be confident in them.

We love Pride

With the ongoing refugee crisis, the majority of us welcomed new families with open arms and tried desperately hard to stamp out any hate. Our support for LGBT rights has been growing and growing over the years, with us now hosting Scotland’s largest Pride each year and various other events throughout the year.

We have one of the most thriving LGBT communities in the country and the various bars and clubs deserve their own mention: Polo, AXM, Katie’s and Delmonica’s are just a few.

Trans rights now

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And when it comes to other causes, Glasgow is never scared to voice its opinions and make itself heard. Just last week, Roosh V and his supporters tried to organised a pro-rape rally on George Square telling any female protesters to “beware.”

But with an almighty backlash from the people of Glasgow, he was quickly forced to withdraw plans for the events and tell his fans to stay away amid fears for their safety. RooshV said: “I’ve received more threats for Glasgow than anywhere else combined.” Well, the people of Glasgow do not like rape and they aren’t afraid to say it. #glasgow4equality

The people are just lovely 

Now, there is that cheesy overused line thought up for the Commonwealth Games, “People Make Glasgow.” The thing is though, however cliché and sentimental, it is pretty true.

From the continuous string of buskers that forever live on Buchanan Street to the people that just keep putting the cone back on the Duke of Wellington’s head. Last week on my way to a 9am lecture, an old lady at the bus stop asked me if I thought a pineapple or peach flavoured vape would be tastier, or if she should just stick to hash.

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The people are hilarious, friendly and have the best sense of humour. It may take a while to understand the jokes because the Glaswegian humour is particular, but it is worth it. And as we were voted as having one of the sexiest accents in world, if you come and study here, you might be lucky enough to pick it up.

And who cares about the constant rain? It’s character building.

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