Vote: What will you miss the most about Strathclyde?

Probably not the hills

Since uni is now over, it’s time to reflect on our time at Strathclyde. Check what Strathclyde students said they’ll miss the most.

The friendly atmosphere of the place

Strathclyde is surrounded by a bunch of cool people who are very welcoming. Unlike at Glasgow uni, no one thinks they’re better than anyone else, and everyone gets along.

The nights out

There’s so many different nights out in Glasgow – Sub Club, Viper, Hive – that won’t be the same when you’re not a student.

Long vacations

This might be the last time when you have a 4 month plan for travelling. Finished your exams in the first half of May and start another year in the mid-September. Take this advantage as it probably never happen again.


Everything’s in its perfect order during the day

There’s always something going on. Whether it’s pre drinks, after parties, dinner or just a cup of tea in the flat next door. The location is great – right by the city centre, classes just a 5 minute walk, close to Student Union with Todd’s bar and Starbucks in it.

No loans

So you took out a student loan to cover your expenses. Now when you finally graduated it’s time to paid those money back. Hope it’s not a lot.

The library


Long opening times, free access to a good WiFi, loads of silent rooms and places within the building. Worth mentioning the very useful staff that are always eager to help you.

The burger mile

Just look at it.

Student discounts

No need to spend money on entry to get in to the clubs. Every night, different places are offering you free entry with your student ID throughout the week. Cheaper fares on Megabus, National Express, clothes, Dominos, Pizza Hut, Odeon Cinema, loads, loads of discounts.

Strathclyde gym

Where else would you pay £99 for a yearly gym membership with similar facilities? Cross trainers, treadmills, upright bikes, literally everything.