Why you should join The Tab Strathclyde next term

You know you wanna

The Tab Strathclyde is recruiting new writers and editors to join our growing team.

Read by three million people per month, The Tab writes stories you care about in a style you want to read.

We’re the only platform left for genuine debate at university, representing multiple viewpoints on campus.

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We write about stuff that’s in the Strathclyde student bubble: from drunken antics in Viper, to out of control house parties or protests happening on campus.

Our Tab HQ team in London will teach you great journalism skills, and help you with your career.  Our reporters regularly carry out work experience at national papers and have gone on to work for The Guardian, Telegraph, Sunday Times and sites such as Buzzfeed and Vice.

And it’s not just about the journalism, we have legendary socials too. As well as the Strathclyde team, we’ve got hundreds of reporters across the UK that meet up for parties every term.
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The Tab Strathclyde is going to be bigger than ever next year, and we want you to be involved.

We’re looking for reporters, section editors and an editor to grow our expanding team.

You don’t need any journalism experience either, as long as you enjoy finding stories and being part of a team – that’s all that matters to us.


Abi Watt, 2014-2015 Editor

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“I joined The Tab because it gave me the freedom to write creatively and about topics that meant a lot to me. I was able to have my articles read by a far larger readership than I could have ever managed by myself.

“I was made editor as the Strathclyde Tab was just starting up. The role gave me huge amounts of experience – from chasing up leads to organising stories and editing articles I gained so much from The Tab and enjoyed my time with them. It’s a massive opportunity that shouldn’t be missed.”

Thomas Hornall, Reporter at SWNS and past Tab Strathclyde Reporter

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“The Tab is so popular because the subjects of articles are real students. The writers have gone out, collected their own quotes and pictures, and really drilled into the core of what makes the story interesting.

“If you see something on campus, you know you’ve got a platform to present the story in a clean and absorbing way pretty much instantly. And you know thousands of people will read and discuss it.

“Tab reporters are uniquely placed to cover university life in a way no one else is, giving you the opportunity to break exclusive after exclusive with just a bit of initiative.

“Writing for The Tab at uni helped land me a job with a national press agency right after graduating and it’s a name employers recognise.

“There’s a reason Tab stories are continually picked up by the national press, there’s a reason it’s read by millions of people, and there’s a reason it’s hated by prudes, killjoys and politically-correct squares.”

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