Vote: What’s the worst thing about Strathclyde?

You can’t say Glasgow students

We all like Strathclyde, more or less. But there’s always that one thing about uni which pisses us off. The Tab asked the Strathclyde students about the thing they hate the most.

Climbing up the hill

San Francisco?

“This bloody hills, I swear if I could talk to John Anderson I would ask him, why??”

Everyday struggle. If you’re lucky or smart enough you can plan your classes just on one side of it.

If not don’t get your legs tired, here’s a shortcut if you’ve not already known. Go to Graham Hills, grab the lift up to the 4th floor, cross the parking lot and leave the building on the other side. Enter Colville Building and again up to the 4th reaching out to Architecture Building. You’re on top. That’s the easiest way to get to the library, AB, HW & WC.

Has someone ever counted them?

The ugly buildings

It really does suit its name. A thing of beauty.

Pictures say more than a thousand words in this case. Have they ever been renovated?

Another jewel

Trying to get a coffee

3:30? Come on…

You’re overloaded by the material for the exam. You need a wee break. Let’s get some coffee. After long hours of studying you deserve it. You need to get back on your feet. You rush downstairs to buy one but wait… it’s shut. Don’t freak out there’s another one next door at Lord Hope. It was shut even earlier. Looks like you’re going to have to get the vending machine stuff.

The lack of healthy food

Many students whine about lack of healthy food options. Cakes, crisps, rice pots, toasties, simply grab & go food is what you can get. There’s a chance to bag a decent meal, but this goes with running along the campus.

The crossing by the library

We all know the infamous crossing straight to the library. Everyone looks for the last car driving past only to run across the street before another car approaches. And it’s a very busy road, connecting the town with the motorway. So how on earth did no one decide to place simple traffic lights to secure thousands of students crossing over every day?

The lifts at Livingston Tower

You better not go on the 12th floor

Those who’ve had classes at Livingston Tower  know what this is all about. Lift out of order? Nothing new. Dozens of people waiting for the next to come? Again, nothing new. Some of you desperate to be on time, choose the stairs. Best of luck with climbing up to the 8th floor. Being too kind doesn’t pay either, you might end up waiting up to 5-10 minutes.

Waiting ages for essay feedback

Why does it take so long?

Queueing to get into the library

Long queues for the entry system into the library like queues to clubs on Wednesday night. Very inconvenient especially if you’re running late for your next seminar.

Getting to the other side of campus for your next lecture

It can be real pain in the arse when you have to get to other side of the campus in just 5 minutes, say from Royal Collage to Wolfson Building. Imagine you have to go to the library to give a book for short loan back as well?