It is forecasted to snow in Glasgow this weekend

There could even be blizzards

Severe weather has been forecasted for the Strathclyde area this weekend with the possibility of snow.

The Met Office has issued a yellow warning of snow for those within the Strathclyde area over the weekend, with sleet, snow and rain also expected.

The adverse weather conditions will move from the Northern and Easterly parts of Scotland, bringing the possibility of one to four centimetres of snow in lower, coastal areas, with five to ten centimetres predicted for those at a higher altitude.

With strong wind speeds of up to 60 mph likely to return after recent storms, brief blizzard conditions may be experienced.

The Chief Forecaster of the Met Office said, “A major (but temporary) change of weather type will see the winds swing into a more northerly direction into this weekend, pulling down much colder air across the whole of the UK and western Europe, after what has been an exceptionally mild first half of November.

“Wintry showers will spread to many areas and night frosts will become much more widespread.”

It is expected that much of the snow will have cleared by Saturday morning, however some ice may remain.

This is likely to cause minor levels of travel disruption, and may lead to difficult driving conditions depending on the severity of the snow.