Everything that happened at this year’s Ambassador’s Ball

Surprisingly fun given the number of IR students attending…

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Promising an ‘Evening in Geneva,’ this year’s Ambassador’s Ball recreated the magic and enchantment of the Swiss city. Hosted by the School of International Relations, the event promised ‘dancing, drinks, music, and food’ all of which they successfully delivered. Here are some of the highlights of the night which made it truly memorable and enjoyable…

Free Wine

As guests entered the ballroom of the Best Western Scores Hotel, they were warmly greeted with free glasses of delicious white and red wine. It was the perfect way to kick off the evening while listening to a live alphorn performance

Food and Snacks 

Waiters milled around the ballroom carrying trays of mouthwatering chicken skewers, an array of canapés and spicy rolls, all free of charge.

There was also a paid crêpe station where guests could choose from a range of different toppings and indulge in a fresh sweet treat.

An unexpected, but much-welcomed addition to the night, the snacks were delicious and fueled several hours of dancing.

Alphorn Give-it-a-Go

Offering a unique and unprecedented twist to the evening, guests listened to a live alphorn performance as they entered the event.

Frances, the alphorn player, also allowed students to try their hand at her instrument while offering advice and tips.


All guests received a 20 per cent discount voucher for Rocca Italian Deli and The Golf Inn in addition to their ticket.

Unfortunately, these are only valid for one week after the event. While a great addition to the event, it would be nice to receive some more party favours or at least discounts which are valid for a little longer.

Live Performances 

In addition to Frances and her alphorn recital, a range of performers entertained guests.

Whale Shark Daddy, a six-man band, kicked off the night with a brilliant set of classic dance numbers. DJ ZXE and Rumour DJ rounded off the night with some techno and hip hop numbers.

All in all, the wide range of performances appealed to all guests and created a great environment.

Overall thoughts

From free food and wine to amazing live performances, on the whole, Ambassador’s Ball offered good value for money and was well worth its £25 price tag, particularly when compared to other extortionate events in town.

A comfortable and relaxed evening, the event was perfect whether you wanted to sit and discuss current US politics or party the night away on the dancefloor.

The committee clearly worked hard to offer unique experiences to guests from the alphorn to the twinkling fairy lights strung across the room.