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Here are the ways that St Andrews is coming together to help tackle Covid-19

Town and gown alike are coming together to tackle Coronavirus

St Andrews takeaway Shawarma House has burned down and students held a vigil in its honour

St Andrews faces another blow to its social life

Geography and Sustainable Development students told to stop sending aggressive emails to class reps

They were told that ‘rudeness, bullying or harassment’ will not be tolerated

St Andrews has cancelled this semester’s computer science exams because of Covid-19

Computer Science module examinations are cancelled

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St Andrews shuts libraries, Sports Centre and Students’ Association due to COVID-19

Students have been asked to return home

St Andrews suspends all face-to-face teaching

All classes and examinations will be online

Everything that happened at this year’s Ambassador’s Ball

Surprisingly fun given the number of IR students attending…

St Andrews Union cancels St Paddy’s Day celebration because of coronavirus

Guess I’ll drink my Guinness in quarantine

St Andrews International Relations students told to prepare for online classes

Students have been told to take laptops home with them over Easter

Several St Andrews students have been tested for coronavirus after overseas travel

Following travel abroad, several students have been tested for Covid-19

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Students’ guide to what’s going on in St Andrews

St Andrews academics receive over £190,000 to study ALIENS

Just go look in Area 51 lmao

14-year-old among those arrested for ‘violent attacks’ on St Andrews students

Police are increasing patrols

St Andrews could take legal action against cheaper red gown retailer

The replica gowns are £60 cheaper

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Making a bold fashion statement

Spooky! Halloween 2019: St Andrews’ Best Dressed

Everything from Frozone to Fleagbag

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Students demand action to tackle climate change