st Andrews

St Andrews postpone in-person teaching because too many students will return

Class may not return to teaching until week seven

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Only a third of reports of sexual misconduct to St Andrews resulted in disciplinary action

30 cases have been reported in the last three years

St Andrews Survivors criticise the University’s response to confidentiality concerns

They ‘feel overpowered and unprotected’

St Andrews denies making sexual assault survivors sign confidentiality agreement

Admins claim communication with the uni has broken down

Introducing St Andrews Most Eligible Bachelor: Callum Weimer

The king has been crowned

St Andrews fraternity suspends members following allegations of sexual assault

Anonymous accounts are being shared by a new Instagram account

BPM: livening up St Andrews’ social scene

BPM music collective delivered an incredible year of events to St Andrews

We spent a day with St Andrews Gin Soc making our own gin

Touring, tasting and making our own gins

Meet St Andrews’ friendly neighbourhood dogs

From gluten intolerant Doughal to friendly Oscar, here are the dogs at the heart of St Andrews

Coronavirus friendly day trips from St Andrews

Perfect for a day away from the Bubble

St Andrews unveils plans for socially distanced Freshers’ Week

online learning will only be used as a back-up

St Andrews student gets over 43,000 to back school curriculum change

Taiyba Ali is successfully informing millions

Over 2,200 sign open letter to St Andrews Principal demanding action over diversity policies

‘We are asking you, with all due respect, to do the right thing’

St Andrews is officially the best uni in Scotland and third in the UK

Only Oxbridge beat us and tbh fair

Vote for St Andrews’ most eligible bachelor 2020: the final

Who will take the crown?

Vote for St Andrews’ most eligible bachelor 2020: round three

They are single and ready to (socially distance) mingle

St Andrews Management student suspended for doing a line during online tutorial

You can take the boy out of St Andrews…

Here are the ways that St Andrews is coming together to help tackle Covid-19

Town and gown alike are coming together to tackle Coronavirus

St Andrews takeaway Shawarma House has burned down and students held a vigil in its honour

St Andrews faces another blow to its social life

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St Andrews graduations have been cancelled due to COVID-19

Final years can choose to take part in future ceremonies