Let’s face it: the ballot system is outdated

What do you mean you don’t magically make 10 friends in Freshers’ Week?

Drag Walk returns to St Andrews, our only LGBT fashion show

Every wondered what you’d look like covered in glitter? Here’s your chance…

Meet the Kallawayas

Join the filmmakers for a unique look at an indigenous population.

May Ball: the gowns, the bows and the ugly

everyone looked nice 👍

Guests have a ball at May Ball!

The KKC kills it yet again! Great job!

Top Things To Do This Week

Take breaks to keep yourself sane

Don’t forget to collect your wristbands this Thursday

The Bandstand will be home to music, ice cream, and all 2200 May Ball wristbands

The Other Guys: one last song before the summer

TOG’s yearly farewell concert will be held this Monday evening on North Castle Street

SITARA* Shines Again

“Sitara’s rise in professionalism is tangible and undeniable.”

Heat may be the biggest night to hit St Andrews

A new event in a new venue with a completely new atmosphere

This year Under Canvas is raising money for Cystic Fibrosis

The committee wants people to know exactly where their cash is going

DONT WALK presents OTTO KNOWS, a night like no other

The committee lets us in on their biggest year yet

FS2016: St. Andrews’ biggest night of debauchery, privilege and glamour

Students spent thousands on bids in the auction

DRA Ball will be a night worthy of 007 himself

Shaken, not stirred

Sitara* is coming to St Andrews this April

It’s more than just a fashion show

Prepare yourself for FS this weekend

It’s going to be stunning

DRAFP Ball Tickets – What’s the deal?

Turns out the Committee aren’t stealing all the money

RAG Week Launch Party with Big Narstie went off

He didn’t make it to the after party though

Ma Bells will be open every night this week for Refreshers

Party like it’s Tuesday night, every night

Mermaids’ Christmas Ball Reviewed

Amidst all the gowns of St Andrews, students finally got a taste of Hogwarts at this year’s Christmas Ball.