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FS2019: A Mirage of Beauty

Our snapshot of FS2019: A truly magical night

The Champagne flowed, the Eden Mill G&Ts were downed and the cucumber and mint water was left untouched as the night progressed into a mirage of Beauty. FS2019: Origins exceeded all set expectations and rose to the occasion. I have never seen so many people excited, amazed and happy in one room as the stunning, eye-catching and extremely beautiful show began.

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Male Fashion (Photo: Harry Gunning)

From the big names of fashion from Ted Baker and Paul Smith, right through to FS committee member, Kameron Cooper’s, boxing inspired collection, the fashion on display was brilliant. For some within the audience, however, a few larger names would have been appreciated.

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Female Fashion (Photo: Hettie Blampied)

This year, FS continued with the Young Designer Awards, with Michelle McAuley winning the top spot with some edgier, less mainstream garments including ones covering the face. That said, I personally loved Bethany Hilton’s inspired, majestic and colourful collection the most and I thought her clothes’ elegance brought a lot to the show (pictured below).

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To the right, Bethany Hilton's Collection (Photo: James Patrick Wearmouth)

The videography has been stunning from the FS2019 committee, with the final Chapter, Chapter 4, living up to the high class delivered throughout. Chapter 4 opened after the interlude and auction, and made everyone stop and think before the dark silhouettes of the models appeared on stage, accompanied by blinding white backlight, to commence the second half. A beautiful, thoughtful and inspired start which certainly delivered on its aim set out by Hunter, the Creative Director to expose the 'Irony of using technology to escape technology.'

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Fashion and Champagne (Photo: Hettie Blampied)

The second half was filled with some magnificent pieces as well as a selection of swimwear which, as always, elicited murmurs of ‘wow, look at his abs’ and wolf whistles galore.

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Abs on show, as per (Photo by: Hettie Blampied)

We must of course remember beyond all of the enjoyment that FS also fulfils a charitable purpose and one which has been central to their 2018/19 campaign. Robert Barrow, Head of Charity, spoke at length about the excellent work that this year’s charitable partner, Social Bite, have done, as well as continue to do for Scotland’s homeless and is delighted at how this year’s partnership has turned out. FS wasn’t therefore just a wonderful night for all the designers, committee members, sponsors and attendees, Robert remarked, but also for Social bite – FS2019 truly was a spectacular evening for a spectacular cause.

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Champagne Everywhere! (Photo: Hettie Blampied)

Throughout the show, it is impossible to remember it has been put on by a committee of so few students whilst also holding down large workloads with the Directors all being fourth year with dissertations looming. A seamless, slick and professional show all-round with logistics and creative license combined in perfect harmony. FS2019: Origins was nothing short of a triumph and it adds considerable pressure onto the FS committee of tomorrow to live up to or exceed the efforts of this year.

The best event of the 2018/2019 calendar so far, without a doubt!

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Fun at FS (Photo: Hettie Blampied)