May Ball was good, but is it time for something a little different?

It’s hard to argue that it wasn’t a good time, but can we do something else next year?

It's hard to deny that May Ball is one of the more highly anticipated events of the year. It's the last chance to get abominably drunk, say things you don't mean, or if you're anything like me last year, throw yourself at someone and hope to god they reciprocate your advances. More than that, it's a final last grasp at procrastination before the horror of exams. This year, complete with rides, doughnuts, churros and some very spicy popcorn May Ball was set to be bigger and better than ever.

The acts did not disappoint, Sam Feldt and Yungen wowed the crowds as expected, and the dance floor was pretty much packed from start to finish.

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The event has drawn a fair amount of criticism, however, and although I'm unwilling to accept some of it as the vast majority of people I know had minimal complaints, some of it seems viable.

St. Andrews balls are known for having hefty price tags, classic tickets for May Ball this year being £50, and VIP being substantially more, which raised questions about how much exactly you were getting for what you were paying for. The lack of seating in the classic section and the long queues for rides drew the most criticism, meaning that quite often what people were getting for their money was merely a significant amount of time being shoved towards bars and pushed around the floor of Kinkell Byre.

I too, although I had enjoyed myself, as if there was something missing slightly. I'm yet to grow tired of the concept of balls, being in my second year but I can't help but think that in two years time, if it will still be exciting to traipse of to Kinkell Byre for a ball, which despite the odd difference, is not that dissimilar to the previous. Yes, May Ball has rides and in comparison to other balls this year the music was outstanding, but yet again for the fourth time this year I found myself searching Kinkell Byre for my friends, standing in queues and having drinks spilled on me.

This being said, I can't fault the organisation of the event, the professionalism and the enthusiasm of the Kate Kennedy Club once again was evident and the whole event ran wonderfully smoothly. The crowd in general, including myself, did all for the most part enjoy themselves, I hasten to add. It'd just be nice, for once in a while, to see something a little different at one of these larger balls.